Beatles Covers Review Ep1: I Wanna Be Your Man


First episode in a new regular show! The idea behind doing this show is that it's about something I love, the Beatles, and it has very minimal editing, which is why there is visible cuts in some takes. I would like this to be weekly but all good plans and all that. Any requests or feedback, you can email me at (include "BCR Feedback" in the subject line)

John Tarr's picture

Did you edit the montage at the beginning of the different album covers and clips of the Beatles performing? That was extremely well done.

Very interesting video. I learned something about a few bands I've loved for many years. For your next video, I would improve the lighting in your room where you film yourself talking.

CircleGuy's picture

I did, thank you very much.

My bloody lighting rig is kaput atm, hopefully I'll have it fixed. Thanks for the comment!

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