You've Found A Cliche.

You should know there are some less than subtle reoccurring moments in every game we play, whether that be an RPG, a fighting game, or even an adventure game, there is always a selection of features that pop up no matter what. Well I have now took it upon myself to device a list of my personal top 5 video game cliches. 


5. Quick Time Events.

We have all been there. I've personally been there a few times. You have just completed a rather challenging section of a game, you sit back and relax, maybe even start sipping a hot chocolate and begin to watch what you are lead to believe is a cutscene, blissfully unaware that a button prompt is about to pulsate madly in the centre of your screen. Ultimately at this unfortunate moment you will panic. Reach for the controller in desperation. Scold yourself. Miss the button. Then watch your character meet their untimely end.

4. Exploding Barrels.

Ah, convenience is such a wonderful thing. Yet sometimes, video games take convenience one step to far with the stupendously over used exploding barrel. Its one thing for a single enemy to be stupid enough to take cover behind what is clearly a hazardous object, but when a group of 3 or more decide to     have a nice little chat behind one it really makes you wonder... Why would someone be so silly? The only reason I can think of is that its a video game and for some reason in video games this behavior becomes some what acceptable. To be perfectly honest, if someone took it upon themselves to shoot a bullet at a tin barrel of flammable liquid nothing would result from it. Maybe a damp floor where it wouldn't be wise idea to stomp out your cigarette, but apart from that not a thing.

3. The Damsel Distress

''Your Princess is in another castle'' Ah, Princess Peach is just one example of a plethora of formulaic plots which ultimately revolve around rescuing or protecting your crush, your beloved wife or even your fancy pants girlfriend. Video games really do push the boundaries for what a person would put themselves through to save their loved one, because honestly, I'm not sure a journey through the 9 stages of hell would justify saving your mostly naked lover.

2. The Secret Pocket.

This seems to happen in nearly every game I've played since I was a tiddlywink. My character would find a important piece of treasure to aid him on his quest. This could be, for example, an abnormally large key to open an abnormally large door, a weapon to defeat an enemy, or a tool to help you get to a location you could not previously access. All of these objects however nearly always seem to be too big for our little protagonist to handle... You know where this is going. The character in question then decides to have a ruffle with his pants or put his hands in some Tardis of a back pocket and the object disappears. I introduce to you, ladies and gentlemen, the Secret Pocket.

1. The Double Jump

The Double Jump is probably the most questionable mechanic in all of video games. Yet none of us have ever questioned it. The Double Jump defies all law of physics, how a character can jump off a ledge and then proceed to jump again without the assistance of nothing but thin air is simply beyond me. However, the most beloved characters in the video game industry use this move. The Double Jump has been accepted into the video game world for all the right reasons (unlike some of the cliches above), because its pretty god damn useful. I've lost count of the amount of times ignoring the laws of physics has saved my ass from a bottomless pit but it must be in the thousands. God bless you double jump.

Adam Page's picture

What about collectible bits of trash that tell you the interesting bits of the story?

Scumbagb3n's picture

Sweet post mate

Burchy's picture

@ Scumbagb3n

Thanks man, much appreciated :)

John Tarr's picture

I loved "The Secret Pocket" paragraph. So incredibly true, plus I hate it when games add a maximum weight.

Red_Baron2011's picture

It's written as TARDIS. All capitalized. 

sargeant smiles's picture

Like in GTA when Niko pulls a rocket launcher out of his pants.

Also, John, are you gonna remove the spam?

Deathman95's picture

Devil may cry, the only game i know of to use a double jump but has a physical reason to be there, a demon energy platform!

dalton32389's picture

how about the "rule of three" for bosses?

NightShroud's picture

Great post. also a recent one: the power drain.

You have a lot of power in the beginning of the game and then it all gets taken from you.

MarioDragon's picture

NightShroud, that's easily my least favorite.

NightShroud's picture

MarioDragon, I don't like it either. But it's a cliché.

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good work

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So true XD I've been calling the secret pocket "subspace" for a long time. It's like when cartoons pull stuff from behind their backs that are larger than themselves AND they're not even wearing clothes.

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