The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Review (Wii)

Link has found himself yet again in a bit of a pickle. The game starts with link (obviously) being burdened with the task of delivering a sword to the royal family of Hyrule. A simple task? You may think so, but this is a Legend of Zelda game and things are never as simple as they first seem. After what is actually a rather eventful day in Ordon village things go from what seems relatively normal to frankly catastrophic. With his best friend captured Link races off in hot pursuit to find himself in a mysterious world he has no knowledge of, black particles litter the air, bizarre creatures thrive and to top it off... Link is now a wolf. As the intense tale unfolds Link soon finds himself on another enormous adventure that would even put chills down the spine of Indiana Jones.

The Legend of Zelda is praised mostly by critics due to its solid gameplay and very distinct adventure elements which take you to places that can only exist in the deep recesses of a geniuses imagination, this Zelda is no different. This adaptation of Hyrule is frankly massive, it will take you a good while to see everything Hyrule field alone has to offer. Castle Town now seems more thriving than ever and there are a impressive ten dungeons perfectly spaced throughout the games narrative. The cave of ordeals makes another appearance for more hardcore Zelda completionists. Villages contain various side missions and a lengthy 50-70 hour completion time will keep players entertained for weeks and weeks.

Twilight Princess creates a fantastic sense of scope with such a large world to explore, exploring in this game is fun due to the fact the world is actually very detailed. I mean look at it!

Dungeons of course make up most of the core gameplay for a Zelda game. Whether its the forest temple, the earth temple, or even the sky temple, all will have you scratching your head at frankly challenging puzzles, your jaw on the floor with awe at the brilliant design, and have you on the edge of your seat with behemoth bosses.  Link naturally will aquire equipment from dungeon to dungeon to see him through his adventure, however this is where one of my gripes lie. Links tools in this game are vast to say the least, classics like the bow and arrow remain, however bombs can now be combined with arrows for devastating effects and a double claw shot provides for some quite brilliant platforming. With all these new gadgets you would think the developers would keep including them throughout the game however for the most part the only time a particular tool is used is in the dungeon you aquire it in, lame right? As I said the puzzles in these dungeons are not too forgiving, I will even go so far as to say one had me pretty much stumped. But mostly puzzles are implemented really well and never seem forced on the player, which is nice. Bosses in this game are impressive to say the least, most are more than double, wait scrap that, triple Links size, some even being giants in comparison. My only problem with the bosses is that they were actually pretty god damn easy, not normally a complaint but I personally felt it took away from the dungeons simply not fitting in with their difficult nature.   

The controls in this game are pretty much flawless, the wii remote is actually used to great effect and never feels 'gimmicky' (a common problem for wii games), the controller becomes your sword and weapons such as the bow and arrow get a nice twist with an on screen cursor controlled by where you point your wii remote. My one and only problem with this control set up is that combat can sometimes feel like your are waggling your way to victory. However as you get later in the game new combat moves are introduced, resolving this problem.

As the title suggests 'Twilight' plays a massive part in this game. The Twilight Realm is very intriguing, black particle effects make the world seem very... Different, this is very unlike any other Zelda game, it not only introduces a new setting but also introduces an entire new style of play. In this realm, to put it bluntly, you become a wolf. This in turn leads to some very interesting gameplay changes, Link can now use senses to detect hidden secrets and can dash to travel alot faster than the traditional 'roll' feature we have become so accustomed to. The new 'sidekick' also becomes alot more useful than the usual being that accompanies Link on his quest. With Midna's assistance Link can now perform an area of effect attack which becomes pretty much essential and Link can now also reach places that the player never knew previously existed. The controls in wolf form are abit finicky, combat isnt entirely accurate, I lost count of the amount of time I slammed into a wall trying to attack an enemy, but this is in all respects a nit pick and doesnt take away from the overall experience. 

The Palace of Twilight ended up being one of my favorite dungeons in the Zelda Series, this realm provided a very unique edge to this game.

The story in this game is cinematic to say the least, its alot more cinematic than other previous Zelda games, this becomes apparent as soon as you put the disc into the console. Nintendo manage to squeeze so much personality out of characters without the need for them to even have a voice. Yes there is no voice acting in this game, and to be perfectly honest I don't see this as a bad thing, Id much rather have well crafted text blurbs than sub par voice acting. Presentation then is handled extremely well in this game, there is one particular scene where Ilia is giving her Father and Link a slight roasting and the expression on their faces gets me chuckling every time. Here is just one example of Twilight Princess's cinematic nature.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess then is a vast, extremely deep and a gorgeous game given the limitations of the wii console. Ill say right now that my first playthrough took me 55 hours to complete, where as Skyward Sword took me a mere 30. I believe this in some ways reflects the sheer detail provided in this game, players are free to explore, side missions are actually engaging, apart from Poe hunting. Nobody likes Poe hunting. And most of all this game is fun. People are beginning to forget that fun is the primary reason why we play games, astonishing HD graphics and conventional 'safe' gameplay does not make an outstanding game, it makes a mediocre game. Twilight Princess, in my opinion, is the best Zelda game out there, you may hate me for saying such a thing, but I believe its true, Hyrule to me has never felt so alive in the eyes of players and I highly recommend you give it a go if you haven't already.

I have no hesitation in giving this game a 5 out of 5 star rating and after you have played it, Im sure you'll agree.

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My first review, constructive criticism will be well received to improve my review writing, i know this review may seem short but to be honest it felt like I began to ramble.  

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For a first review this is pretty awesome, almost makes me want to buy a Wii.

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Thanks man means alot :)

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This is a great starting point for a first review.  However, reading just the first paragraph I noticed a couple of spelling errors, which is inexcusable because every computer has a spell check.  There are more spelling and grammar problems throughout the review.

I liked what you had to say about this game, but at the same time it is a little strange because this game is so old.  I felt like there were some places that you assumed that the reader is familiar with the game and the series (e.g. the first sentence).  For a review I think you should assume that the reader has no prior knowledge of the game or franchise.

I thought that your paragraph about the controls was the most succinct.

Overall a good first review and many of the problems I found could be ironed out with a peer-review before posting it.

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@Dan Broadbent

Thanks for that, Ill take what you had to say on board. I fully understand where your coming from on the 'no prior knowledge'  point.

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Good stuff, certainly better than my first attempt. I can't do "I" myself but otherwise interesting and informative to someone who sold his wii

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I have played Twilight Princess as well, and I do believe it worth of five stars.

That being said, I noticed several spelling errors, word agreement issues, and comma usage problems. Like Dan said though, those issues can be ironed out with a brief peer-review. You can PM the review before posting, and I will correct the major faults. 

Also, a good rule of thumb, capitalize unique names in your review exactly as they are spelled in-game. The various temple names and Link's own name should begin in upper case. 

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