5 Fantastic Boss Fights

5. King Bomb-omb (Super Mario 64)

You may look at this first choice and think, ''What on earth is this silly boy thinking?''.  You will have no doubt already decided that King Bomb-omb doesn't even deserve to be in the top 100 bosses of all time, let alone the top 5. This is probably down to just how easy this boss is. But when I was 5 years old, playing this game for the first time with my dad, this boss was anything but easy. After a good 10 minutes of launching this over-sized Bomb-omb off the recently conquered cliff, me and my dad began to wonder. What on earth are we doing wrong? It was then at that moment with an almighty grunt, that the overly large bomb fell on his overly large arse after a 5 foot fall from above Mario's head. How a fall of 5 foot hurts someone more than a fall from 200 feet was beyond me and my father. But it didn't matter. Me and my dad had defeated the first boss of Super Mario 64.

''You see this Mario, now this is a moustache!''

4. Andross (Lylatwars / Starfox 64)

This was probably the favorite boss of my childhood. For ages i would ponder on the fact that Andross turned into a mechanized behemoth after every fight, and to some extent this didn't make sense to me. After the credits rolled, a scary (It was scary back then, trust me) silhouette of Andross would appear in the sunset skyline, and this to me inferred that the fight was not yet over. After what felt like a zillion play-throughs, I reached Andross through the hard path. Now this is where i got stuck. I'am definitively not a fan of a flying brain with eyes attached to electrical beams, a menacing laugh, and biscuit colored tentacles destroying my precious Arwing. At that point the controller was passed to my dad to complete the game. Of course I have now passed him in gaming prowess.

I think someone needs a mint...

3. Demise (Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword)

This guy was frankly the definition of epic. Link has now crafted the sword of evils bane, and it comes to this. A final fight above the clouds with the definition of evil. A storm ridden sky shrouds the battlefield as Demise towers above you, promising that this fight will be your last. Now, this fight is bloody hard. Its a pure one-on-one sword fight and with the addition of wii motion plus, frankly, it made the fight magical. Oh, and it gave me a bloody sore arm. It also has my favorite finishing blow out of all the Zelda games. Its a long, gritty fight to the death. Boss fights don't come much better than this.

No really, my arm was genuinely sore after this fight.

2. Cronos (God of War 3)

If you remember, I said the fight with Demise was epic, but i believe this boss just about goes off the scale for epicness, just as much as he goes off the scale for sheer size. Cronos must be the single biggest boss I have ever faced in my entire life. To put it into perspective, Crosos's finger nail is the size of a large garage door in comparison with Kratos. To be honest, this is slightly intimidating. The entire fight you traverse your way up Cronos's body and eventually end up on his forehead. All be it taking some rather gruesome twists and turns along the way. Being eaten and slicing your way out of Cronos's gut for example. The fight ends with a satisfying electrical stab from the Sword of Olympus straight into the giants forehead. When I say satisfying, I mean that feeling you get when you kick the ball from the half-way line in football and hit the crossbar. In other words, very satisfying.

When I said he was the biggest boss you will ever face, I wasn't lying.

1. Manta Ray (Super Mario Sunshine)

You will now be reading this and presume I'am simply insane. But out of all the bosses I have mentioned this is the boss that I will remember until the day I die. Picture this. Its a lovely day outside, but two lads regard this as a day to play games. Cross legged and eyes glued to the TV, me and my best friend spent hours trying to defeat a mere shadow of a Manta Ray. But this is not just a shadow, upon being spraying the slimy silhouette would split, then split again, then split again. The task felt impossible. Then the moment came. My friend, controller in hand, jumped up into a mere palm tree, 100's of shadowy Manta Rays nipped at his heels, Mario was bleeping red symbolizing death was close, but still my friend persisted. He sprayed and sprayed and sprayed and by some miracle, from the confines of a small tree, he had done it. He had killed the Manta Ray. We shouted, for joy was bestowed upon us. To this day the tree is still amply named... ''The Warrior Tree''. 

''Get to the tree!'' (In the voice of Arnold) 

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I sort of... disagree with everything but the 5th, and the 5th only because it's originality and childhood memories stick to it. Without that, it'd be unmemorable.

I haven't played Star Fox, but for giant bosses, Shadow of the Colossus is the way to go, even in comparison to God of War. Demise was downright easy, and felt like he only existed to give a reason for Ganon to exist, and Nintendo only did that as some vain attempt to connect the Zelda games.

As for Manta Ray... Sure, he was ragingly difficult when I was younger, but was way easier after I had to clean up that stupid beach before the time ran out.

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I have never played Shadow of the Colossus, but it looks pretty interesting. Personally, I thought Demise was pretty god damn tough, but maybe my incompetence with a wii remote added to the difficulty.

And you haven't played Starfox! It's one of my favorite games of all time. 

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