Just Another Reason to Hate GameStop [Updated]


In an effort to settle the backlash from irate customers, all GameStop retailers are pulling the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from store shelves. An email was forwarded to every employee with instructions to store each copy in the backroom and honor any returns with a receipt.

In agreement with Square Enix, all Deus Ex PC copies are to be recalled at a later date.


Original Story:

Well it seems the folks at OnLive just can't catch a break. GameStop employees have been ordered to open and discard any and all coupons that come with new copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The voucher included would allow for a free digital download of Deus Ex, a concept to which GameStops's higher-ups didn't take too kindly. The debacle can be seen as a maniacal attempt to better GameStop's Impulse service which currently offers digital downloads of PC titles and beta testing for on-demand streaming as well.

In a follow-up statement issued to the writers at Game Informer, GameStop pulled the vouchers because, "like all retailers, we prefer not to promote our competitors and their competing offerings and services in our stores. Unfortunately, the coupon was packed without our prior knowledge."

Apparently review scores do matter.

But what's the worst part of this fiasco? The vendors are selling these opened copies as "new." New, as in should be shrink-wrapped, untouched, and never before played, a now longtime, foreign belief to GameStop's corporate management. I don't know about you, but I when I think new, I don't imagine a stash of games stored in damn paper envelopes behind the cashier's desk, so congratulations Steam! You earned yourself another purchase.

Now I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this matter. Considering there are numerous other retailers, including Steam, Amazon, and Walmart, that provide superior customer satisfaction and preorder discounts, how long will it take before GameStop's profits take the financial hit they deserve? Even Gamefly is launching a beta of their own on-demand PC streaming service in the coming months.

We as customers have a right to be furious - I can't recall a more selfish blunder in recent memory, except for Best Buy charging consumers to update their PS3s in-store. Here's hoping this initiative encourages fellow gamers to take their money elsewhere in the future rather than handing it over to the "industry's equivalent of greedy, thieving goblins." (Giant Bomb)

Here's the original story from GameSpy.

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Didn't GameStop say SC2 was going to come out one year but it turned out to (obviously) be a complete lie?

I've never liked GameStop but at least the one down the road has decent pre-orders...

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I don't really shop at Gamestop anymore. Amazon has great prices and any game, I have a game store so I can buy any old PS2 or PS1 games. The only problem I have is should I order new games from Amazon and pay the extra few bucks or go to Gamestop maybe Walmart but they don't have mature games.

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Where did you hear that? I buy M-Rated games from them all the time.

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@brodytits they don't always have many of them. For example I couldn't find Resistance 2 or any COD games except Black Ops at a few of their stores.

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As much as I fucking hate gamespot for many of the same reasons I hate G4, I don't think they are in the wrong here. From what I've read, square enix didn't tell gamespot they would be including the coupon codes until a day or two prior to release. Its like if mcdonalds sold pepsi that had a coupon for burger king on it. However I agree with you that gamespots definition of "new" is questionable. I also recommend amazon for buying games (especially since you can buy it through this site), especially since often times they'll include small giftcards and such with newer games (I got one with fallout new vegas).

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I don't know what astounds me more, the fact they are developing their own streaming service (which I presume works similar to OnLive) that maybe 2% of their entire consumer base will use or that they are castrating potential revenue from the PC market to promote said service.

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Square Enix is the bad guy here, they didn`t tell GameStop that they were packaging a free copy for the competition.  

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That doesn't give them the automatic right to go routing through the packaging and potentially damage the game discs, it's also an anti-competitive practice that is deserving of a boycott. If OnLive and Square want to put coupons inside their game boxes, then Gamestop can go suck it!

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For everyone mentioning the fact that Square Enix provided a coupon from the competition in the box, you also have to realize that GameStop is the only retailer removing the vouchers. Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon left the coupons inside the box for their customers, and Amazon offers a digital download service for PC games as well.

Maybe if GameStop wasn't so money hungry or desperate to keep their consumers, they might see a little more return on investment if they matched their competitors' prices. I could either wait a month and get a game for $20 cheaper on Amazon after its release date or wait for a Steam sale and buy the game for 50% off, whereas at Gamestop, games remain at full retail price long after they've worn out their replay value. That's just my two cents though.

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i got the game at game-stop and it had the on live thing in it weird? 

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