Community Blog: Come Share Your NGW/WGG Stories!

I'll begin by sharing my first run-in with NextGenWalkthroughs.

I remember several holidays ago, it was the week after the release of the PlayStation 3 in November 2006. Being the poor high school student I was, I could only afford the Wii that Christmas season, but a part of me still longed to see the crisp HD graphics of the PS3's biggest launch title, Resistance: Fall of Man. I began browsing the Internet a little pessimistic because all the gameplay shown up to that point had been snippets from various magazine publications. Using Google to search for a video walkthrough, I stumbled upon the first search result, a site aptly named Little did I know that I would get hooked on the site forever.

I began watching the video avidly as Beer_Baron (John) completed the first level of Resistance's campaign on the hardest difficulty. Hell, if I couldn't play the game myself, I might as well enjoy watching someone else play it, right? It was a breath of fresh air to see good quality gameplay where someone actually knew what the right analog stick was for, and as more content was eventually uploaded, I found myself visiting the site more and more frequently just to watch videos for games I didn't even own.

Although commentary has become a standard for John's and Dan's guides, and recently Drink Alongs, the lack of commentary or text-only walkthroughs weren't uncommon five years ago. I was surprised the first time I heard John's voice on his God of War II guide and Dan's voice during his playthrough of Twilight Princess (which proved very helpful during my own speedrun of the game), but the concept was even more foreign to me when they first provided dual commentary for The Darkness. However, I was most pleased to learn that their voices did not drive me batshit crazy.

Even when recording a game I had no intention of trying myself, I would still listen to the voice overs if only for the humorous banter. Due to the chemistry between the two, the jokes seemed genuine, and neither were afraid to express their opinions for fear of hurting someone's feelings. With the addition of a podcast in the past couple years, viewers have been able to gain more insight into Jon's and Dan's lives and their varying video game histories. Over these interesting past 4+ years, I've watched every one of their guides and listened to most of the podcasts, and I believe I'm better off for it. (I'm not a stalker. It's the Internet, don't judge me. ;D).

Even though WikiGameGuides is 10x the site that NextGenWalkthroughs could never be with its host of innovative community features, we should never forget the site where it all began. So thank you John and Dan. I can honestly say, I'm looking forward to WGG's future.

R.I.P. NGW, R.I.P.

Below is the first video I ever watched at NGW:

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Awwww....nicely written.

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I first came across NGW for their Killzone 2 guide and the funny commentary with all of its Simpsons refrences hooked me. I then started listening to their awesome podcasts and I've been following them and the site ever since.

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I watched Gears of War 2 on youtube and came to the site to watch other games. Even games I didn't care about I was watching for the voiceovers. I got in to the podcast and rewatched the ones I had missed and now I'm embracing WGG.

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I promised myself I wasn't going to cry...

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The same thing happend to me basically, I was looking for splinter cell double agent (which people still find a good guide) and found John's walkthrough on youtube cause I couldn't get the game. And shortly there after, I started watching along the main site keeping up with the Baron, Dan, and some of the earlier contributors like Mmac and his Half-Life which is still good.

Long Live WGG!

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NGW design #2

NGW design #3

Design #1 didn't get archived (and I lost my backups), but trust me it was nothing worth remembering.

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I stumbled across NextGenWalkthroughs as I kept visiting friends YouTube channels and noticing that the majority where subscribed to NextGenWalkthroughs. I checked the channel, then their site. I then subscribed and started submitting content to their site.

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this is very like my story, but way more interesting and well written, nice job from Norway.

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I youtubed Gears of war and watched your guide and liked the commentary went to your website and started watching guides for the commentary then heard that you came out with a podcast and i tolled my friends that it is a good way to keep up to date in the gaming world and it is  fun to listen to. now i tell people i know about this website 

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I just checked out the old designs, this site really has come far. I EVEN came across a forum post where Beer Baron posted that he was looking for a firm to develop his "new" site. I think he regrets that decision. ;)

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I came to NGW when I thought John did a Halo: Combat Evolved guide and I swear he did becuase I was listening to a guide and I thought it was John from nextgenwalkthroughs. Then I looked up nextgenwalkthroughs on google and I found NGW. Pretty cool. First guide I watched was one where they did a dual commentary and they got used to it not like The Darkness guide where it was kinda akward. All I remember was when you first started using the ripple NGW intro. Also I started to listening to the seventh epoisde of the podcast and then going back to watch the first six to say that I have listened to every epoisde. So, I have listened to every epoisde of the podcast. Thanks for the great site and community John and Dan.


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I first discovered NGW when I was on Youtube looking for videos of Twilight Princess. I was a huge Zelda fan, and I wanted to spoil the story for myself. After a while, the only decent quality videos I could find were NGW's. Thusly, I went to their site and found that they had a bunch of great guides as well as an amazing community.

This was the first NGW video that I ever saw, and it got me started with them in a great way.

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I was watching the Halo 3 legendary guide on youtube and got sick of the disorganization.

Then I noticed that Beer_Baron mentioned his website at the beginning of every video. I decided to go to the site and found that everything was organized enough for me to actually watch the guide in it's entirety.

Since then I have watched almost all of the guides that John and Dan have done together and have become a huge fan of Two Chimps on a Davenport and more recently the Drinkalongs.

I am a huge fan of and I'm proud to see it grow. While it may be strange at first that we wont be able to go to NGW anymore I know that the new direction was necessary.


P.S I will still enter when I want to go to this site, just for old times sake.

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My first was the COD 4 "No fighting in the war room" guide. I just couldn't get through that fucking level and john's guide saved me from eternal frustration.

RIP NGW and long live WGG!

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I always used to buy those walkthroughs you could get at gamestop, those big honker books that would give terrible instructions on how to beat a game. But then I found NGW. The first time I ever came across NGW was when I was playing Bioshock and I was trying to find some sort of help online so I could get past a Big Daddy I just could not beat. I stumbled across NGW and started watching other video game guides and was instantly hooked.

Ill never forget laughing at John's comentary to Halo3: ODST while he complained about how that game was total b*ll sh*t. Ever since then I have been an advid user of John's and Dan's guides for every game I play, and I love their podcast to boot. I listen every week. And the drink alongs are a very nice add on. I will miss NGW, but I know the two chimps will always be there.

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I found NGW when I was playing Star war: the force unleashed. I found there guides better then any other videos I found. Then I used it for assassin's creed, assassin's creed 2 and assassin's creed: brotherhood.  And I now listing to two chimps podcast. The website has been great for everything gaming. I have enjoyed the the game guides commentary from either John or Dan and the podcast. Keep up the good work.

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I found it when I was tryng to watch army of one walkthroughs and I started on Johns and watched them all then I decided "Hey he was funny lets see if the other guy is." and now I have been hooked ever since loll

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Halo 3 Cortana mission got me to this site.  I started watching the vids, and have listened to their podcast since day one.

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Basically what Red Baron said. I remember trying to find help with Splinter Cell: Double Agent WAY back in '06 because of the annoying HQ missions. Then I saw the guide for Resident Evil 4 for the PS2 by Rohnin and could not believe the tactics that he used that made me smack my head because that gave me the feeling of I was making it harder for me than it really was. Then I remember hearing the voice of Beer Baron for the first time on the Call Of Duty 4 guide and, like many others, were very suprised how professionally he would talk during the walkthrough and made playing that game easier. Now, five years later, I still come back because of the awesome guides and the really funny converstions that take place during the guides and on the podcast. Keep kicking ass for a long time!

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The first guide I ever saw, and how I came upon NGW was in the fall of 2007, following Beer_Baron's Lost Planet guide. Beer_Baron, apart from being a skilled gamer, had a voice that made the walkthroughs a joy to watch. At first I was a bit thrown off by Dan's more humorous manner, but after hearing their dual commentary, it became clear that these two guys had a brilliant mix of gaming, drunken banter and insightful discussions.

Throughout the years since, I've often watched the guides on NGW after getting home from school, even though I rarely played the games myself. And in the summers when I would be working or traveling, Dan and Jon's podcast would always make me look awkward by making me laugh in a public place.

Though I have recently not had as much time on my hands to stop and listen to every new podcast released, whenever my thoughts cross this site, I make sure to always give it a hit and look for what's new.

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i found the site because of the first gears of war walkthrough and i was instantly hooked. no other gaming site has been sufficient since i discovered dan and john's wonderful banter. i love the new site and i'm looking forward to seeing where they go with it. :)

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I was watching Johns Double Agent Guide on youtube and I guess I was bored so I checked out the site.


The strangest Story I had with NGW.....I guess when I was so fucking hung over that even walking to the Bathroom was making me nauseous and so I spent the day watching random Walkthroughs to calm my stomach.

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