BioShock Infinite Drink Along Part 3 (Day 39)

Would you kindly enjoy today's Drink Along?


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we turn a videogame into a drinking game. Find all of our Drink Along videos here on or our Drink Along playlist on YouTube.

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Dan is right, Elizabeth is a likable character, its rare for a game to make a companions company enjoyable but Bioshock manages 

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Sick with the flu so laughing hurts- damn you guys.



You unknowingly revealed the ending when you mentioned that Booker founded Columbia.


You missed the fucking Star Wars easter egg:

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I changed the control layout to Marksman, made everything better.

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hey guys awesome drink along as always few tips to make the game a ton ezier . if you use possession on the robots that sell ammo , weapon upgrades, and other stuff . they will drop money , also on that safe you passed .. kinda not worth the 5 lock picks only has 200 cash in the safe..  its lame ..  you get better stuff in the future of the game so save those lock picks  .. Game on 

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Good shit dudes. Keep up the good work.

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John because of  Scumbagb3n's comment you really need to implement a spoiler hiding system or at the very least enforce a policy that says that you must make a SPOILER WARNING and add a shit ton of spaces between the warning and the content that follows. I you see a spoiler warning and right below it you see the text "Vader is Luke's father" most people's brains will not respond to the spoiler warning in time to avoid the line directly below it

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Sorry if I spoiled it at all for you or anyone, I assumed that most people would have passed the game a week after release. Maybye if they implemented coloured text that would help.

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