BioShock Infinite Drink Along Part 1 (Day 36)

A much more laid back Drink Along as we begin to enjoy the majesty that is BioShock Infinite.


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Honestly, I think the game is worth the 60 bucks just to experience the first hour.

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I honestly never thought that this game was gonna be good, but I was blown away by the reviews.  Jeff Gerstman gave it 5/5, so I kinda want to check  it out now.


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Did anyone else feel bad for going on a rampage on the nice peoples holiday?

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So i just spent the last 10 hours playing through this and i gotta say it Tops Bioshock 1 in the Story, Bioshock 2 in the Combat flexiblity. However i played on hard and forgot about it because of how easy the game really felt.

as for the idea of going all melee it's impossible! no perks or anything that makes you a killing machine in melee atleast not indtill you get a "Charge" Vigor towards the end of the game, and the way upgrades for both weapons and vigor gets unlocked is kinda awkward too, but i can highly recommend Bronko and Lighting jockey as they give alot of control while making the enemies weaker.

The choice of weapon is really just what floats your boat, since ammo isn't really a problem 95% of the time. i used the Handcannon + Shotgun most of the game but ran into problems with ammo towards the end of the game (Ammo for the Handcannon turns out to be quite rare whereas the RPG ammo isn't....)

take this as advice and nothing else not trying to tell anyone how to play.

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I just spent $60 on Dead Space 3, $19 on Batman: Arkham City, and $4 on Duke Nukem Forever. Damn my  impulse spending, now I'll have to wait for the price to drop for this one; I can't pass it up after watching Adam Sessler's video review.

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Coin flip would land more times on tails than heads.  

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you guys should play outlast when it comes out. it's a new horror game that is supposedly very scary. 


also the reaction when you first got the melee weapon was priceless

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Just played around the first hour and a half of Infinite. One hell of a first impression. I even went downstairs to tell my dad he had to witness it, but of course he didn't. Was quite disappointed when the game play began to become the FPS we are all familiar with. But that first hour was bliss.

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