Site Updates - New Tagging System, Theme Update, Game Home Page Update & HTML5

iOS and HTML5 compatible YouTube Player & Fixed IE Script Errors

All YouTube videos now use the <iframe> embed, which automatically detects what browser you're using and uses either HTML5 or Flash to play the video. This means that iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices can watch YT videos on this site now

This should allow Android devices and other smartphones to view YT videos, but I'm not sure because I have no way of testing this out. If you have an Android phone, please let me know if you can watch the videos on the homepage of this site.

New Theme! (sorta)

The theme is coded, but there still remains a lof of configuring for me to do before it goes live.

You can test it out by clicking "My Account" on the left column (while logged in), then edit, then switching to the WikiGameGuides theme.

Game Home Page

I added a few more fields to the Game Home Page:

  • Publisher
  • Developer
  • Original US Release Date
  • Cover Art (still testing this, will be public soon)

Getting these sections filled out will help the game home pages look more like our design goal.

New Tagging System

I scrapped the old freetagging system because there were hundreds of crappy tags, and each tag creates an extra page on the site, which is really REALLY bad for SEO. So there are now a few check boxes to choose from when creating a blog post

  • Blog
  • Guide Update
  • News
  • Podcast
  • Review

You can choose 1 of these options for your post, and fairly soon I'll create seperate feeds for each category so that you can easily view exactly what type of posts you're looking for, instead of just a huge list of "blog" entries.

Finished Transferring ALL of My Old Video Guides

It took forever but I transfered all of my walkthrough from NGW to this site.

Up Next

  • Spam filtering. I turned spam filtering off for a while and relied entirely on a captcha during the registration process, but we're still getting some spam comments
  • DLC and Mod content types
  • Finish configuring the theme, and disable the old theme
  • Add customizable profile fields to promote YT channels, twitter accounts etc.
  • Make profile automatically list all blog posts, guide entries, etc.

I've been updating my Toodledo public to-do list daily, so if you want to see my much longer scope goals, be sure to check that out.

TastyBizkitz's picture

WikiGameGuides is growing up :'( It's so gorgeous

explicit_baron's picture

Nice update. One thing i tried putting in a developer that wasn't listed and the site won't allow it. Danger Close and Kojima Productions are developers missing from the list.

John Tarr's picture

Ah, yea I just pulled a list from wikipedia of developers and publishers. I added Danger Close and Kojima Productions, and I created a forum topic where you can suggest new Developers and Publishers.

I also just changed it so you can have multiple developers, as in the case of Danger Close who only developed the single player portion of Medal of Honor.

XL_ARES_IX's picture

Any reason that the search bar is missing?

John Tarr's picture

There's a lot of stuff missing on the new still needs to be configured and put in the right place.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

Are you giving up on NGW? Or did you just transfer your guides to add more content and appeal to more people?

John Tarr's picture

Are you giving up on NGW?

I would hardly call it giving up...

We're changing names and adding tons of new features to the site so that anybody can contribute, and Dan and myself will continue to make walkthroughs.

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