PSA: Sony Lost Your Account Info (Password!, Full Name, BDay, Address, Email) and Potentially Your Credit Card Info

From the Official Playstation Blog: Update on PlayStation Network and Qriocity

Although we are still investigating the details of this incident, we believe that an unauthorized person has obtained the following information that you provided:

  • Name
  • Address (city, state, zip), country,
  • Email address,
  • Birthdate,
  • PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login,
  • Handle/PSN online ID

While there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken, we cannot rule out the possibility. If you have provided your credit card data through PlayStation Network or Qriocity, out of an abundance of caution we are advising you that your credit card number (excluding security code) and expiration date may have been obtained.

I have already cancelled any credit cards I used on PSN, and have begun changing my passwords on any site where I reused my PSN password. I highly suggest any fellow PSN users do the same.

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This is such an embarrassment. I guess I'll be heading to the bank tomorrow.

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I had to cancel my card.

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I recommend users to make a video regarding or spread this important info quickly. I just made a video about it and it's no youtube, I hope people don't get financially fucked through this debacle.

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Damn need to get a new one and i just got this one replaced 

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Call me a fool or what have you but I think I'll just keep the card I have now. BB&T are pretty damn good at keeping track of my records (someone tried to steal my account and password before), and I check my balance daily. I'm also registered on very few sites, so checking my email isn't that big of a hassle. Sure something may happen that I'll regret, but hindsight's 20/20, huh?

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Best to be safe Kowbell.

Great job Sony.  Bonus points for having everybodies personals in the same place.

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From a programming and xbox user perspective this is really cool! I wanna meet this guy/girl or group.

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They handled this entire thing so poorly. And they still haven't issued a real apology for it. Have you seen the latest blog post? Patrick said they only knew of an intrusion six days ago and that they didn't know that our personal information had been compromised until yesterday. Ignore the fact that they failed to mention that until today. They still had to know that if there was an intrusion, there was a possibility that someone gained access to our accounts. As a precaution, they should have told everyone that from day one. And they didn't.

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Wow, this is kind of disgraceful that it should happen.

Also, @Jenne, by Patrick, do you mean Klepek?

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I am actually too lazy to do anything. Just flame me on the podcast or something, that would've been fun.

Well, if the hackers did something to me and they randomly lived in Norway, i would have killed them in days..

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Here's the problem for me: I only have one debit card I use, and I use it for pretty much any and all online purchases.  What should I do?  Just sign up for another card?

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Me too. I also use the same password on everything. It will take me a day to change everything. What to do i am lazy?

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From what I've read in press releases, they've only managed to steal the card number and expiration date. They did not manage to steal the security number that is required for online purchases and transactions, so we should be safe in that regard. I would still advise that everyone gets a replacement card ordered or at the very least keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious in your bank account. 

I will also comment on why it has taken so long for this report to appear. In networking, there is no instantaneous warning or red flag that your network is being compromised/hacked, it's not like windows or Mac OS where a warning message appears in the corner of your tool bar with instructions on what to do. You would have to filter through hundreds of tables and other data to figure out what the hell just happened. This ultimately takes time, like how you don't know how a murder panned out until you've done the various tests on various different aspects.

They could have handled this better, but this seems to be a by the book example of what to do when you get hacked. Hell, they did better than Google when e-mail accounts held on their servers got hacked by the chinese government.

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I see the hackers are having fun.. PSN down (atleast was recetly), and this.

Sony should maybe bring linux back..

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I highly doubt the hacker will steal money from our accounts. You have to think from the perspective of the hacker. Thief hackers normally target private accounts of individuals, not a whole network because then the consequences will be smaller. In this case, I think it is an "activist hacker (?)" like Anon or some random Xbox fanboy willing the embarrasment of Sony.

Just one of my stupid hypothesis-es :)

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I'm glad I don't own a credit card. Oh well....I don't own a PS3 either....



I was considering to buy a PS3 and put Linux on it to make it into a Mediapc.

Too bad they don't allow that anymore.

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John, John, confused little John. I know your an Xbox fanboy, but use your brain. Sony knows what they are doing. The hackers can`t access the information right now because the PSN is down. They are rebuilding the whole network. And for the record, your credit card number is never safe, ever. And Razzler, you are completely right.

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That depends. If it's the same guys as those who DDoS it (anonymous?) (service thing is just "coverup"), they could get it. They're rebuilding it, yes, but after max 1-2 weeks maybe, it will/could be hacked again.

@Solifluktion: You could use the geohot CFW if you want it as mediapc, that will NOT allow you to play pirated games, just linux (and maybe other stuff sony have removed). Should be legal (but isn't).

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I'll look into it.

Will I still be able to play legally purchased games?

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@RPGeesus Patrick Seybold, the guy who keeps updating the Playstation Blog with useless information. :)

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why do stupid hackers have to ruin everything for us fuck u geohot

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@Solifluktion: Yup, that should still work. No PSN, or updates for the game tho.

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I feel bad for you PSN users having your identity stolen. But i dont what to say this but, the Xbox is the best console out there might want to switch to it

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@bip267 It depends on which games you like though. The PS3 got a lot of exclusives that I was interested in, such as the Uncharted series, Siren: New Translation, Demon's Souls and Disgaea 3. The 360...Doesn't have anything that I want on it. So while I'll admit Sony is a massive failure, I wouldn't do anything as drastic as switch to a console that has nothing to offer me. (And I'm not saying the 360 is bad, it just doesn't meet my gaming needs.) However, when they release their next consoles, this WILL make me think more carefully about which one I decide to purchase.

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This is a MASSIVE shit on Sony's doorstep, but I will still follow them.  I have loved their service and products (not just the PS3) thus far, so I'm not giving up faith. 

Understandbly, Sony will get the blame for this, but I cannot help thinking the hackers are all-out assholes.  Sure, they probably have good intentions to show how easy it is to hack PSN and get your details thus making Sony highten the security, but did they REALLY have to go to such lengths?   And I hear some hackers created a OS (of sorts, now that the PS3 has been jailbroken) that allows anyone to become a "dev" and therefore not having to pay for any products on the store.  Quite frankly that is disgusting, and I hope EVERYTHING that has happened to the PS3 as of late can be resolved.

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And they still haven't issued a real apology for it.

From what I've read, if Sony apologized for this, it would imply that this debacle was Sony's fault, which would be a huge mistake for the inevitable class action lawsuits that will come of this.

John, John, confused little John. I know your an Xbox fanboy, but use your brain. Sony knows what they are doing. The hackers can`t access the information right now because the PSN is down

You're an idiot. Sure, they can't access my PSN account right now because the PSN is down. But if they took my email address and password and used those credentials on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,, and THIS site, they would have had full access to my accounts (had I not changed my password on all those sites yesterday). I reuse passwords for non-financial accounts all the time.

All the sites I listed (minus WGG of course) are Top 100 US websites. It would be extremely easy for those hackers to create a program to try to automatically log into the Top 1000 US websites with all the information they have, and I'm sure that they will get full access to many accounts in the process.

So, confused little GLaDoS, use your brain, pull your head out of your ass and change your passwords on any site where you reused your PSN password.

For everybody's information, all the passwords stored on this site are encrypted, NOT stored in plaintext like Sony did. 

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I am glad I have a unique password on PSN. 

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Took care of everything this morning. What a hassle. Isn't technology grand folks!?

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havent logged into psn for over 2 years. i can't be in danger can i? i'm trying to remeber if i even used a card... oh well

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this sucks

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It might be a pain, but changing your passwords for Facebook, Twitter or any site that uses the same password as the one for your PSN account takes all of 60 seconds to do and its probably the best thing you can do at this point.


You may be in danger if you have used a debit/credit card, a way that you can confirm if you've used one on PSN is to look for a digital reciept/bill that Sony will send you when you make a digital purchase in the email account you used for PSN. If you find one, look an what payment method was used and the expiry date if a card was used. If the card has expired or you used a PSN card, then there's nothing to worry about.

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Wow. At least those annoying fanboys won't be starting shit for a long time now. (I like both the PS3 and 360, I just can't stand people who start flamewars for attention.)

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Epic failure Sony, seriously epic failure, and I hate using the word epic. Guess it's good I never have (and now never will) use my PSN account. Now all my PS3 is good for is Blu-ray, which is fine since PS3's were cheaper than the players when I bought mine...

Oh and I'll never buy a Sony product again, they've screwed up one too many this time. Goodbye useless PSP2, hello Nintendo 3DS!

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Maybe the fanboys won't be saying anything about the 360 for a while, but they're arguing amongst themselves now. Or with the other PS3 owners who don't agree with the way Sony is dealing with this situation. So they're still just as obnoxious as ever.

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I don't care about a week of no PSN. All this other stuff is just panic. It will all be fine. Sony is doing just fine right now and in a few weeks we will all forget about this. Too bad this has to come up when the PS3 is becoming the superior system with its free internet, exclusive games, and just the way it keeps improving unlike other systems.

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Hay every thing is going to work out in the end i trust that sony has a handle on this.

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1. I love how Beer Baron literally destroyed GLaDoS96's comment.

2. I love the WGG community for not being fanboys. Go to a YouTube video on this issue and the comment section will be full of Xbox fanboys trashing PS3 and immature preteens trying to scare Sony by saying they will trade-in their PS3s and buy a Xbox 360.

3. Sony better fix this soon. PSN members are getting more impatient day by day.

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@wogens10: Maybe few fanboys, but most here seems to be console-guys. Maybe the console itself is cheaper than a gaming-PC, but the games costs more, so in the length, it costs. Yes, a PC needs to be upgraded now an then, but games looks 100x better too. Just love the x360/ps3 controller? Plug it in the PC and use it.. (PS3 controller might need some program tho).

Not saying you are, or that it's bad, just saying it.

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does this affect Canadian members?

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@ihacks4snax it's a global problem. Ironi that your name has "hacks" in it, u should be ashamed :0

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This is why I never use a credit card when it is not required. Whenever I want to buy anything off of Amazon, Itunes, PSN, Xbox Live ect. I just use a gift/points card. I strongly suggest that you all take Beer_Baron's advice if you have your credit card number on the PSN.

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All i can say from hearing this: fuck

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I'm still saying this could be the end of Sony if this gets out of hand for them (e.g. they are not able to get their security updated on time).  It could especially get out of hand if more of this situation becomes public (the story has already been posted by game-hating networks such as Fox and CNN).  

Even if this situation blows over, if this happens again (which, with the anger most hackers have towards Sony at this point for removing Other OS support, could happen sooner than later), then PS3 could potentially become the next Dreamcast: totally broken from the inside-out by those who wanted to abuse the resources given to them.

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Lol BB.

I too find this to be ridiculous. I posted a blog post saying the same thing, and, tada!

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I don't see this killing Sony tbh, what killed Sega and the Dreamcast was that the Sega Saturn was a piece of shit and didn't sell all that well. The dreamcast also had no copy protection on the game discs and could run software off of burned discs without a hitch, which was what killed it.

Bare in mind that the 360 was hacked and pirated within months of its release, the PS3 was successfully hacked only a few months ago.


Also, a very important post has just appeared.

The entire credit card table was encrypted and we have no evidence that credit card data was taken. The personal data table, which is a separate data set, was not encrypted, but was, of course, behind a very sophisticated security system that was breached in a malicious attack

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The Xbox 360 might be hacked so people can play pirated games, but 77 mill. accounts ain't hacked..

The PS3 was hacked much later, but sony responds alot worse to it than microsoft.

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Sony had an relatively open console and decided to cancel Lynux support to prevent piracy. This seemed fine to me at the time, but actually turned out to be one of the worst decisions that they have ever made. When you have a closed console like the Xbox 360 your fans are less likely to be upset with things like a lack of custom hard drive support. But when you have an open platform and decide to close off such a small thing as lynux, it then becomes very likely that some of your hardcore fans will retaliate.

I am not saying that this was Sony's fault. I don't think anyone saw this coming. I'm just saying that when you say you have an open console you better keep it open. Otherwise, you can end up with what Sony has now- The biggest disaster in their company's history.

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The biggest disaster in their company's history.

Debateable. Sony has a history of major software fuck ups. Read up on the Sony BMG copy protection rootkit scandal.

Also, lawsuits against Sony are already popping up

The lawsuit is asking for monetary compensation and free credit card monitoring, and is seeking class action status.

The story says "free credit card monitoring", which is dumb because it's usually very easy to check for activity on a credit card. I assume they meant simply "credit monitoring" in case someone tries to apply for credit using credentials stolen via PSN.

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For whom ignorance is bliss, this may be an article some of you will want to read:

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