New Site Design Incoming

The 99designs contest for the new site design is finished, and we got a pretty amazing scheme. Click the images to see the full size.


Content Page

Playgame38's picture

Looks familar... Nice job! Keep up the good work.

explicit_baron's picture

looks great all thats missing is a tab for 2 chimps

pfro's picture

needs more ads and chimps

Josh Kowbel's picture

The design looks nice. The content pages look similar to that of Facebook.

witinfuser's picture

looks pretty sweet, i hope you implement it soon

R3b3L iNk's picture

Pretty awesome, cant wait to see how you organize things.  That might be hair pulling.

saxnoob's picture

Looks better than anyone could have guessed. Maybe add an FAQs tab? Ehh I'll wait until I see the real deal.

Squish92's picture

Smooth and sleek.

Pavan's picture

Fuck dude.

That is awesome!

John Tarr's picture

What the tabs say doesn't reflect in any way what will actually be there when the design is live. All placeholder text and images. 

Joe Harris's picture

The ad placement is rather annoying, I'd prefer it to be under all the useful content rather than on top, although I can understand how it being on top would perhaps get more money.

Sangyerians's picture

I was going to beat off to porn but I beat off to this instead. it looks fantastic.

Catch Grave's picture

Looks great...exciting to see it progressing!

ExplicitRockr's picture

Great, can't wait to so the new one. The current one sucks (to blue).

MarioDragon's picture

This site will go a long way

iWINuFAIL's picture

Very sleek and well-designed.  Any idea when this will go live?

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

why is it french?

Elitecreations's picture

I'm totally digging the design (:

RPGeesus's picture


It's not French, but it's close. It's Latin.

The design looks fantastic right now. Hopefully the content that's already up won't be too difficult to port over.

XL_ARES_IX's picture

When will this be implemented? It's probably posted somewhere but I'm lazy.

John Tarr's picture

It's Latin placeholder text.

Nothing will have to be ported to the new design...everything that is here on WGG will be here for the new theme.

I hope to have the theme running by the end of next week.

dementedde's picture

who implemented your design to drupal if you dont mind me asking beer baron?

Michael's picture

nice wan

John Tarr's picture

@dementedde I haven't done that yet. I made a post on the forums at saying I needed someone to do it and got 20 responses in a few days.

Adamb's picture

That looks awesome lol

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