New Feature - Wiki Sub-Pages

A Wiki Sub-Page is an open, public page that will be used to add content that doesn't fall into a more structured content type like Achievements, Reviews, Images, Trailers, etc.

On every Game Page on the site, scroll to the bottom and you will now see a very powerful link called "Add Wiki Sub-Page". Click the link, and you will see the same basic form that you've been using to add Game pages.


You can add whatever you want.


Let that sink in.

After you've changed your pants, you can see the "book" navigation in action on the Halo Reach page. On the left, under the game's name, is a Wiki Sub-Page called Ranks. No more land grabs for tab space like on NGW.

You may want to read about how Wiki Sub-Pages structure themselves.

Wiki Sub-Pages Are Perfect For

  • Cheats
  • Collectible Guides
  • Wiki Walkthroughs
  • Glitch Lists
  • Easter Eggs
  • Anything in-game (other than achievements)


Wiki Sub-Pages Are NOT For

  • Personal Walkthroughs that you don't want other people editing (these are coming soon)
  • Reviews
  • Images
  • Trailers
  • News
  • DLC
  • Mods


This is another huge step forward for WikiGameGuides. I hope everybody that has been asking for years to add a guide to NGW or suffered through the Current Projects forum understands the magnitude of this update.

If something doesn't make sense, PLEASE let me know. I'm working on this site (what feels like) 24/7, and anything I can do to make it better, I'm all ears.

R3b3L iNk's picture

This is going to be what makes WGG special.

EDIT: Just noticed this, is it just me or is the Author of the Wiki Sub-Page not showing up. I can't find it unless the page has been revised.

John Tarr's picture

Not showing the author for Wiki pages (Game or Wiki Sub-Pages) is intentional. Any page that multiple people can edit will not show an author, but Blog posts, Reviews, News, Guides etc. will all show the author.

R3b3L iNk's picture

Cool, make sense now.

Btw, what is a 'wiki-walkthrough'?  That like a text walkthrough, like gamfaqs?

Aussie-parasite-117's picture

Sweet, now I can start doing my Challenge Guide without spamming those great blogs, awesome feature that I have been waiting and expecting a long time ago, keep up the good work.

And since I sometimes get something wrong and I really don't give a shit if someone has a better way of getting a challenge, it's great. I can just only change the Heading of the body which is the date without creating new pages. I also sometimes get really delayed with the date because I am from Australia and were one day after you so if I get it wrong, someone can fix it.

RareDaniel46's picture

i just wanna know what Wiki Walkthroughs is is that where you can post a walk though or what ?

John Tarr's picture

A Wiki Walkthrough is a collaborative walkthrough, so you can use text, pictures, video, or whatever else you want. Dan started to post his Starcraft 2 guide in a Wiki Walkthrough here

HannibalSkye's picture

So, would i use these sub pages to post the videos for my starters guides like the ones I did for mass effect 2? Or, would those be in one of the more structured areas?

John Tarr's picture

A 'Start'ergy guide would be perfect for the Wiki-sub pages. 

RareDaniel46's picture

not sure if i have done it right or not but here is the first gta iv missons i added please tell me if i did it right or not

Goodies's picture

I was wondering if we will be able to use coloured text in collectibles guides (and anywhere else).

John Tarr's picture

@RareDaniel46 Other than the fact that you blatantly plagerized the text from IGN it looks good.

@Goodies interesting idea, I will look into turning color options on for the text editor

Awsome_King's picture

So to add my variation of the Starcraft 2 mission walkthrough, I would just have to edit the page and post it at the bottom?

(computer knowledge fail lol)

John Tarr's picture

@Awesome_King yup, click edit and make any improvements you want. Maybe add a header called "Alternate Strategy" or something.

Awsome_King's picture

Sounds good, I'll add it when the walkthrough is finished


(Just got to get supernova done and then the rest is just easy)

Arkrieg's picture

I'm really liking the direction WIkigamesguides is going in

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

can someone point me in a direction of a current sub-page? i am interested in this, but would like to see an example of how it's used.

Also, am i allowed to post commentaries?

John Tarr's picture

@rvbfreak here's a subpage

Also, if you look on the left, all the other links underneath the Halo Reach title are subpages as well.

Not sure what you mean by "post commentaries" though. Comments on the pages, yes go ahead. If you meant your own guides, there will be a special way to post guides that cannot be edited by other people soon.

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