New Feature - Add Games to the WGG Database!

On the "Create Game" page, there are 4 main boxes you need to fill out:

  1. Game Name
  2. Platforms
  3. Genres
  4. Body

Game Name

There should only be 1 page for every game, and if you try to create a Game that already exists in the database, you should get a warning message.

The only problem with this is that "Halo Reach" and "Halo: Reach" are different games (one has a colon in the title). Check out the list of all games in the WGG database to make sure you're not trying to create a game that already exists.


Here you can link the game to multiple platforms using a very convenient auto-complete form. When you start to type the name of a platform, it will generate a list of possible options to choose from. Click the name you want.

Linking a game to a platform will make the game show up on its platform list.


Same thing as platforms.


Here you can post some basic information about the game. Post some videos, a synopsis, maybe some pictures, whatever you want. Pretty soon, there will many more content types available for each game (like reviews, guides, cheats, achievements) so you don't need to put every bit of information about a game on this page.

Also, NO BLANK PAGES! Google hates empty or placeholder pages.


ANYBODY(!) can edit any game page, wiki-style. The site saves every revision, so if someone tries to screw things up it will be very easy revert to a previous version of a page.





I can't believe we're finally here. I've been working for MONTHS to get to this stage, and I'm extremely nervous about taking this step.


Whats Next

  1. Search
  2. Achievement Lists
  3. Cheat Lists
  4. Reviews
  5. News
  6. Guides
Joe Harris's picture

I've been adding some games that I either own or plan on owning and at some point if I have time I might go through amazon and mass-list games. The system is really nice at the moment though and it lends itself to the website well!

EDIT: If in doubt as to what genre a game is, wikipedia has some nice articles to look through, also there is no stealth genre (example: Arkham Asylum is an Action-Adventure Stealth game, Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell etc)

RPGeesus's picture

Just one question: with any DLC that a game might have, would we include that as a sub-heading inside the actual game page itself, or would it warrant having its own separate page? I'd assume that it would simply be a sub-heading, but "to assume is to make and ass of u and me" and everyone hates being an ass.

John Tarr's picture

Good question. DLC will be included as a sub-heading on a game.

R3b3L iNk's picture

Added Heavy Rain.  I also added box art to the page.  I figured since this is a wiki site it'd be appropriate.  If not then I'll remove.

Great place to find official box art is or that google page.

Here's the format I used for the box art when I added the picture,

Under Image Info

Alt Text: Heavy Rain Box Art
Width: 256
Height: 295
Border: (leave Blank)
HSpace: 5
VSpace: 5
Align: Left

Didn't change anything on the other 2 tabs (Link or Advanced). 

Also noticed that there was no 'Psychological Thriller' under genres so I added to Action Adventure.

There's also no Survival Horror genre.

John Tarr's picture

I changed Role-Playing to RPG, and added Third-Person Shooter, Cooperative, Stealth, and Survival Horror.

Any other suggestions let me know.

barkenator's picture

One thing that I would suggest would be to make that list have short definitions of what the genres are. For example, "Action" and "Action Adventure" are pretty close and it would be nice to have a site definition so that people can more consistently tag the games.

Aussie-parasite-117's picture

Nice Work Beer_Baron, I thought NextGenWalkthrough was the best Walkthrough Site ever, I was wrong, this is, now people who want to say something about a game and help them with anyway and it's an incredible idea, but don't have capture cards (like me -_-), they don't need to find one anymore so they can just make a guide, they can just post it with text. Great Job and keep up the good work.

barkenator's picture

Could you add Sega Saturn as a platform? I've got a game that was developed for that system.

John Tarr's picture

Added Sega Saturn to the platform list

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