New Feature - Achievements!

How Submitting Achievements Works

  1. On the bottom of a Game Home Page, click "Add Achievements List"
  2. Type the name of the game in the appropriate box and click Save
  3. From the new Achievements page, click "Add Achievement"
  4. On the Create Achievement page, there are 5 required fields; Game Name, Name, Description, Value and Icon. All these fields will be displayed on the Achievement List
  5. There is one optional field: "Extra Details/Guide"


List last field will ONLY show up when you are viewing a page for that specific achievement, not the full list of achievements. This allows us to post as many extra details or guides for each achievement that we want, without cluttering the main achievement list.

Quick examples of an Achievement list & extra info for a specific achievement


Upcoming Features for Achievements

  • Bulk add achievements. Submitting 50 achievements, 1 achievement at a time, will be time consuming. I am going to make this process much faster.
  • Trophies! I do not want to lump PS3, PC & 360 users together. I am going to have completely seperate pages for achievements for the different platforms.
  • Improve layout of the achievement specific pages. They're pretty ugly.
  • Printer friendly checklists. I am going to style the achievement lists to be more printer friendly for the OCD completionist who wants to check things off as he goes.
  • Secret achievements. There's a box to check off if the achievement you're submitting is a hidden achievement (to prevent spoilers), but it doesn't actually do anything yet. Eventually I want to hide the title & description, and have a little button to click to view the achievement details.
  • Sub-lists for achievements. For some PC games like WoW or Starcraft 2 that have hundreds of achievements, these lists will not display the information in an easily navigable manner.
  • Long term, I want to have the columns sortable by the % of users on this site that have completed the achievement, similar to how Giant Bomb sorts achievement lists.


As always, if something doesn't make sense or doesn't work, please let me know and I'll do what I can to make the process simpler.

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Nice add. Just to let you know, there are websites dedicated to achievement whoring, like

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Well aware of that. But who says we can't make this site better? For example, on xbox360a, to post a guide for an achievement, you have to use a very limited comments section.;Insert-Coin-quot;.html

Here, there's the wiki section for each achievement so that anybody can add video, pictures or whatever they want, plus a comments section. The combo of the two I think will result in much better guides long run.

Also, I had a hell of a time loading their website. It was getting stuck loading their stat tracking javascript, which for some dumb reason they put at the top of their html. Putting stat tracking scripts at the bottom of the page is Web Development 101.

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ok nice add just one quick question i wouldnt have a clue where to get the pictures from for the achivements !

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Yup, or are both excellent resources. is NOT a good place to go though. Xbox360a modifies the icons to match the style of their website. Example:

Xbox360a (the official icons)

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cheers Beeer Baron :) ill get on with adding some stuff :)

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Hey John I was posting achievements for Assassin's Creed, and I accidentally posted one twice. Deleting? I may just be being an idiot but I couldn't figure it out.

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