Mortal Kombat Demo - First Impressions

Motal Kombat Demo - All the Fatalities

Mortal Kombat: Challenge Tower

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Mileena's mask is worn down by battle damage. Which is why you dont see her teeth at the beggining. Dan Sub-Zero's enhanced ice ball leaves the opponite frozen for a much longer time.

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Nice video but the game audio was too loud, your voices were a bit overshadowed. Lower the game audio a little next time and increase your voices audio. This game looks F***en awesome.

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omg! i cannot freaking wait for the full game! by far one of my most highly anticipated ,upcoming games! been a longtime fan of the series all the way back to before it ever arived on any console! i used to waste countless dollars of quarters on the arcade version on this game when i was in the navy! plus i owned a couple of the best versions released for the ps2 shortly after this series first arived on consoles! from everything i've seen on this awesome looking game this will be a complete reboot of the franchise for the consoles going back to the original roots that made this game a true classic,with updated graphics to add more compatibillity for next gen consoles!

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HOLYSHIT!!!!!!!!! THIS GAME LOOKS SICK AS ALL HELL!!!!! if this is just the freaking demo i can only imagine how awesome the full version will be! big thumbs up for an outstanding first impression take on this incredible looking game,guys!

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can't wait to see Kratos in action & fatalities!!!

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I didnt really get a good look, but John i think that was Frost from Deadly Alliance fighting with Kenshi in the background of the stage.

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This game looks like its going to be an instant classic. The addition of challenge tower looks epic. Climbing that will be full of bloody and glorious joy!

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