Killzone 3 First Impressions

Did the controls improve? Is it worth buying? Is it good style to end all my sentences with a question mark?

No, no and no. But watch my video anyway.

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It's in a Youtube format! D=

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I remember both Reistance games as very annoying.  1 was annoying due to the horrible checkpoint system, whereas 2 is annoying because some of the guys were straight-up bullet sponges, which should be a quality reserved for only boss characters.  If it means anything, I played both of the game on Hard mode.

Also, about unskippable cutscenes: I think all games should allow you to skip sutscenes at any point in the game (much like Bayonetta).  However, they should also give you a small gist of the story or give you some info on what you should do in a small snippet of footage or text. 

For example, you're playing MGS4 and you hit one of the numerous lengthy cutscenes in the game.  You don't want to sit through that, so you hit Start to skip the scene.  What happens then, however is a 5-second summary on the story and current objectives, and then the player is thrust back into the game without any loading.

What do you guys think?

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I really enjoy these First Impressions. John's and Dan's disdain is always a good source of entertainment. I still think this game is worth a buy, even if that means finding it in a bargain bin. Then again, John and Dan don't buy that many games.

I would disagree about the D-pad zoom on the sniper rifle being worse though. I prefer to just hit one extra button rather than clicking in an analog stick because when you press in the analog stick, you run the risk of accidentally moving your reticule which can screw up your shots when you suddenly get an enemy in your sights.

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oh my god vertical split-screen!

What kind off sick, twisted demented people put vertical split-screen in their co-op multiplayer?

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shouldn't this be called a review???

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I agree, if you've finished the game and say the game is pretty but is completely forgettable, that's pretty much a review.

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I can get john's points about the controls as they really messed around with the placement but as I've played virtually every butter-smooth fps ala CoD, Halo, Half Life etc I really enjoyed not being fully in control of my movements due to realistic conditions such as weight and inertia. At least it isn't as stupidly floaty as K2 was.

I get their take but its fresh in a way that halo and CoD have become stale and predictable

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i got to say first and formost i love alot of ps3 exclusives and though alot of people raved about killzone 2 i was not that crazy about it,but i wanted to give the new one the benefit of the doubt so i tried the demo right next to bulletstorm! i did a demo of each game one after the other to help me decide which one would be the most worth it to buy! to make a long story short i chose  bulletstorm! for one thing i absolutely hate the controls in killzone 3,and most importantly,to me kz3 was really alot of the same old shit that you find in alot of shooters like call of duty,battlefield,and games along those lines! i am at a place in my gaming were i'm sick and tired of games that are nothing more but the same old shit as everything else and instead i'm focussing more on games that make a solid effort to be original and in my opinion bulletstorm does this very well, and kz3 just doesn't!

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@ironmaidenfan196 Can you explain why it's the same old shit? You just said all of that and didn't think to back anything up at all.


Also I don't think this should be compared to COD in Any way. They don't want it to be COD and if you expected COD in Killzone you'd be dissapointed.


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@analbaged theres an old saying that goes! the proof is in the pudding,i'm referring mostly to the overall point and shoot gameplay mechanics of kz3 and the typical run and gun versus modes in the multiplayer! if you play both games side by side bulletstorm and kz3 like i did in the demo's you can clearly see the difference! bulletstorm does neither the same! in fact the multiplayer is strictly cooperative as opposed to versus!btw i was not trying to compare kz3 to cod directly i was speaking more in general concerning shooters that seem to go more by a point and shoot and run and gun format in their overall gameplay mechanics without really adding anything genuinely different to the mix! 

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Am I the only one whose brain and hands can accomadate different control schemes of different games?

If the gamers keep b!tching about certain aspects of the game, Guerilla is likely to patch in some enhancements.  

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