Darkspore Beta - First Impressions

I had a chance to play the Darkspore Beta, EA/Maxis Software's "sequel" to 2008's Spore. Darkspore is a pseudo-MMORPG that gave me some serious flashbacks to playing Diablo 2.

Darkspore is scheduled to come out March 29th, with no monthly charge.

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If there's no monthly charge: it will definitly be on my list. I haven't played the beta but from what you guys said it's a pretty good game. And let's be honest: "a pretty good game" coming from John or Dan says a lot.

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Yay, more First Impressions! I'm definitely digging the variety of video content from you guys lately. Keep them coming!

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hmm so im gonna get this game i never played diablo but well you know everyone says its amazing and this is like the cute version of diablo so im gonna get this:D

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It's interesting that Spore has evolved into a more RPG-oriented game.  I remember the first Spore was this all around game that had elements of minigames, strategy, and RPG elements throughout its gameplay.

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I watch these instead of quicklooks in my spare time.  Keep these going man.

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So nice to see the first impressions! i got into mortal kombat and darkspore because of you, and now i am getting both!

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