2 Chimps Ep. 73 - Portal Kombat

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Downloading right know hopefully a great podcast !

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start on the character select screen buddy

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Hey, when you said what we would like to see from you guys other than sweatpants diaries, i was thinking of a competition type of video. Where  John and Dan and maybe some other people would pull up a game like halo and fight each other to see who was the best, and letting us hear the dicussions that you guys had in the game, of course you would have to be drunk. It would really show us how good you are. A show over here in germany does it and its pretty funny, and i think we would all enjoy something like that from you.

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A bar that features arcade games. Gotta love em. Should definitely be more bars like that!

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Netflix has a lot of HD streaming now.  And the HD section is still there.

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I'd rather have an athlete that rapes girls or murders dogs than an athlete that rapes dogs

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It is fucking hell to walk away from that game. Even if played for 14 days, that how it will starts. Then you find your self doing 20 man raids with people you sort of know.

Other note. How is that 4-hour body working out? Reading it on my kindle for android.

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It's really starting to show how John is the more liberal type of guy who can  judge most things "objectivly" while Dan is a very prejudged guy towards everything he encounters in his life. But that's what makes this podcast great because it creates great discussions.

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I bought both Mortal Kombat and Portal 2, and for me, it's hard to say which one I prefer. I love Mortal Kombat because it returns to what made the original trilogy so good, but the Portal series is also great because of the creative writing and reputation of Valve releasing quality products.

Concerning my reviews, I do regret not being able to write them faster, but it takes a couple of days for Gamefly to send me a game, then I cram as much playtime possible into the next couple of days, and then I finally get to write my review, so blame Gamefly. :P

It's also hard to be consistent with reviews when there are so few big releases coming out around summer.

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The ending song to portal 2 was ass compared to the first.


Fuck everybody else, you should hire me to do shit. i'm good at shit.

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What exactly are you refering to?



Yeah something like that would be awesome.

Just a 30 minute video of Dan and John playing against each other.

Maybe DJ Hero...that would be hilarious ;)

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@Solifluktion: not to sound like a fanboy but his almost unreasonable love for the xbox. Also he seems to be very prejudged towards Mortal Kombat while John could see some things that he didn't like.

But I also wanted to say that the PS3 version of Portal will probably be supported as much as the PC version due to the steam support it has although we can't know if they still need to go through PSN for DLC but I think for patches it should be possible.

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Ah ok...yeah you're right.

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Hey guys just have a quick few questions for next podcast
With the new domain name are you still partnered with machinima and IGN?
If so, why do you not use this to your advantage? bigger sites could be a great way to attract attention to WGG
What is your opinion on rooster teeth and achievment hunter?
Finally, why do you hate machinima?

P.S. from what I've heard from the podcasts Dan has edited and the fact he suggested milkman as a great artist I would have to say his taste in music is much better than are there any other awesome mashup artists out there (not including girltalk)

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Dan, just letting you know, I heard you mention near the end of the podcast that you'd prefer going to a place where the dollar is worth more than the local currency, why not Argentina? The dollar is worth 4 times the local currency there (although local inflation might bite you in the ass) Argentina has amazing skiing (and bars with hot chicks). If you can't bear the summer up where you guys are  then go south to Mendoza and Bariloche been there myself and had a great time in both places. 

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Awesome podcast guys. If I could change my screentag to Brody tits I probably would.

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Do you think that Portal 2 would be better if they added a level creator like halo's forge?

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