2 Chimps Ep. 72 - Brazilian Fruitbasket

New Beastie Boys, Bulletstorm, Rockies games and strip clubs.


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loved nexgenwalkthrough. you have ruined it for the non every day gamer like me who is not a sit at home gamer with a real job. sorry i might need a lil help getting through a game i pay to enjoy. based on the money i for these games i should get a lil help. dond expext it but it helps me continue to enjoy my game experience either way. Like the fact that you here to help but feel youve taken away my chance to get help when i need it most. completly enjoy my gaming experience but need a lil help at times. please give me what nextgen offered


Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise


Beer_Baron - John Tarr
Explicit D - Dan Broadbent

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PS: Num Num Num

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Finally a new podcast! Bunch of slackers. ;P My bad about spelling your name wrong though Jo"H"n. I'll make it up to you by destroying you in Mortal Kombat next week.

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PS: Cum Cum Cum

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Great podcast as always... And really long which saved my trip from being dead boring.


I just wanted to remind the joke that Dan was trying to remember. The joke goes like this: You turn to a girl be better the one your flirting with and alone with her and you say "You know that 90% of girls sing in the shower and 10% masturbate. Do you know what the 90% are singing?" If she says no then you go "Then your part of the 10%"


You Dan actually said it at an earlier podcast and I have used it on several chicks and it made them laugh for sure... So thanks for it.

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This idiot probably Googles "Facebook Login"

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Awesome podcast, its always great when you guys do a long podcast.

I just finished watching the four available seasons of Mad Men on Netflix, I really enjoyed the series so far and I highly recommend it.

Keep up the great work on the site and keep making awesome podcasts.

Eat Sleep Jerk

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Beat pray love.

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Is this... is this 3 hours long?

I'm gonna need more beer.

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Awesome Podcast. I prefer 2 hours so I can listen to it in one sitting, but as always....the longer they get to funnier they get :) One of these days my neighbours will ask me to stop laughing like a maniac in the middle of the night ;)

And btw....foobar2000 is awesome. I can even sync my iPod with it etc. :)

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Am I the only one who cant listen to the whole thing.....Everytime I download the MP3 its only 16 seconds long. The player works fine its just the MP3 thats broken for some reason.

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Do Not play LOL (Leag of leagends)

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This podcast felt longer than usual. Good stuff!

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That's bullshit that they are censoring masturbation out of Anne Frank. I mean, what the fuck, you are hiding in an attic with a bunch of people you don't like, what else is there to do? If I was in that attic, I'd be splooging on every nice bed and chair there so I could mark my territory and feel amazing on top of it.

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@FratasticVoyage you just made my night, I dont know if its the beer or the "flowers" but I think all brian function was shutdown due to becoming a zombie of laughter, I tip my hat of to you sir.

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Pure gold :)


btw, when I read Anne Frank there was no masturbation scene whatsoever.

Afaik stuff like that got censored by Anne Franks father who didn't want stuff like this published.

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@Beer_Baron it's about -13F in winter in scandinavia 

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Some must find this drity chapter in Anne Frank. I don't re-call that in the book in either, mind you I read the book in my freshman year of high school.

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Okay it's ture and kind of not ture. Someone put it in there in 70's.

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They guy who wrote the long post is a Nazi, so what he says can't be taken seriously.

The passage he quoted is also in my version of the Diary (which I bought just about half a year ago) und it's the version they call the "scientific proven version" which has been run through many forensic labs over the years (basically everytime some historian claimed it to be a hoax).

Well.....the scene is a bit awkward, sure, but masturbation? Nope.

And even if there was a masturbation scene....I dare say reading the "dirty" version hasn't ruined too many childrens' minds and souls ;)

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OK, I thought the podcast was very good this week especially all the drunken banter towards the end. when John rambles things get funny and I think that King of Kong is by far the best doccumentary out there here is a link to it: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4670384/The.King.of.Kong.2007.LIMITED.Documentary.DVDRip.XviD-SeRbOvItCh

I think it would help the podcast if you asked for questions on twitter and read comments on all your recent guides and podcasts so that you could get alot more user feedback this could help to improve the site.

P.S. If you ever have an office and imployees I want to work for you

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How about skeet, pray, love?

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