2 Chimps Ep. 71 - RIP NGW

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You guys are awesome keep up the good work.

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A suggestion for next drink along: i think it might be interesting to see you guys go back to an older game you might own or to go back to a game you’ve done a guide for. Also maybe get some kind of new or different beer to try and get drunk on. 


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Damn i seen the date NGW was started and i realized ive been following u guys for almost 5 years now. You guys are fuckin awesome

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Almost five years....you guys have come a long way. So much time went by.

Awesome podcast. Looking forward to more of those drink alongs and walkthroughs.

Rest in peace, NGW.

And here's to you, WGG *drinks*

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Concerning the fatalities in the latest Mortal Kombat, the fatalities are a mixture of each characters' fatality from games I to III. I'd like to think the low number of fatalities is due to the developers wishing to streamline the experience by excluding the ridiculous Friendships, Babalities, and Animalities that, to me, seemed out of place in the previous installments.

Nevertheless, rest in peace NGW indeed. I've been following since November of 2006, and it's been a great 4+ years of laughs. I look forward to what WGG's future holds.


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I've been using NGW since 2007 and while it's sad to see it go I really think you guys have struck gold in creating WGG. Best of luck to you guys with the new site.


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Regarding HBO being affiliated by a Cable Co

Excerpt from Wikipedia "Time Warner Cable was controlled by Time Warner. However, despite being headquartered in the same building as Time Warner, Time Warner Cable is no longer affiliated with Time Warner, having been spun out to shareholders in March 2009."

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Here's a possible question for the next podcast guys:  Which of the two of you takes gaming more "seriously", meaning who gets upset more often with videogames versus who tends to shrug stuff off more often?

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April fooools!!! NGW isnt really dead. lol jk it's gone. Congrats John and Dan to moving up in the world.

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Thanks Dan....now I've gotta watch Battlestar Galactica again ^^

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Just remember that there is over 70 hours of podcast that hasn't been transfered over to the site.

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man ive followed these to guys since there halo 3 walkthrough or since ive owned a xbox

not quit sure

keep up the good work

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Where I'm from, they charge 2 dollars for every extra trash bag you have to put out on the curb, aside from the main trash barrel, so they are sort of making us pay for extra trash bags

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Old episodes will not be transferred over.  You can find all old episodes here:


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You can also try Itunes. They're all listed there.

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Yeah, that's the way I do it. itunes shows me which podcasts I've already listend to.

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The funny thing is that the Angry Birds RIO is free on android=)

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Thanks to this podcast, I now have Hepatitis.

(Not flaming. Its a reference from the first 2 minutes :P)

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I HAVE A DREAM! That one day WikiGameGuides will post their podcast consistently, for more then 2 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS!


p.s. you know your cheap when you have ads on your spellcheck.

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good podcast as allways guys!!! 

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been on NGW since 2008 and loved every minute I spent on it (probably more than a month) and I can't wait to spend that much time on WGG.

P.S. I think you guys should add a comment rating system (similiar to youtube) so that everyone can see the top rated comment and rate other peoples comments.

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