2 Chimps Ep. 67 - Red Bull

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Good to see you guys posting it on wikigamegudies aswell !

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Jarrod and Chad need to be on more!

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Fox News thinks that nine-year-olds are going to play Bulletstorm because the ESRB rating isn't enforced in stores? For one thing, that's not true, I was carded when I bought Silent Hill: Homecoming. And for another thing...It's just stupid. Even if it's not enforced, a nine-year-old probably doesn't have $60 for a video game, and even if they did, they'd still need an adult to drive them to the store to buy it. At that point, the adult will see the rating and decide whether or not to allow the child to buy the game.

And they fail to realize that if a person plays a video game and then goes out and attacks someone, that person probably has psychological issues. People who are in their right mind do not look at a video game and go out and take those actions in real life. I've spent the past three weeks playing Dead Space 2, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go dismember someone.

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Great Podcast, nice to heard Chads voice again.

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About time

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Great podcast this week guys. Liked the new guest and Chad being back made the first half more like it has been in the past.

As for your thoughts on Duke Nukem Forever, PCGamer said that the 360 version of is just a port of the PC version, and looks a lot worse on the 360, so you guys should definitely get the PC version. I also agree with you guys when you say that you don't think that it'll get GOTY, but I do think that it's going to be a great game and judging from the limited gameplay footage that's been leaked of  the first level and the boss (which is supposedly the final boss from Duke Nukem 3D, but I'm not sure. Never played it, which could definitely be considered heretical, seeing as I am a huge PC gamer, but I was only 3 years old when it came out, so not much I could do about that one.)

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Good to hear Chad. Been a while.

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Pshhh, you guys have bandwidth problems?  I live in Canada man...

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The drop in bit rate and mono switch is noticeable. Fucking Comcast, man.

The laugh attack was pretty contagious. Jared laughs a lot, but I always found myself chuckling along at his wack jokes.

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I'm sure you have heard it or know, but I wish the quality was better. MORE GUESTS!

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Chad is da MAN

nuff said^^

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I am Chad's penis.

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