Not Getting Enough Sleep? Blame Technology.

If you are having a hard time sleeping, you can blame technology. A recent USA Today article talked about a poll that was taken to see how many people used electronic devices before they went to bed. In the article, Lauren Hale, who is an associate professor of preventative medicine at Stony Brook University said "Communication technologies are often light-emitting, which can suppress the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin and make it harder to go to sleep at night". 95% of the 1,508 people polled said that they used some sort of electronic device before they went to bed.

As far as what types of devices are most common in terms of keeping us up at night, we all are quite familiar with them. Television is the biggest culprit. The article stated that  two-thirds of the respondents to the poll who were 30-64 years old and half of the people 13-29 years old watched TV almost every night an hour before they went to bed. For those people who use laptops, 61% of people surveyed reported using a laptop before they went to bed. Cell phone users were included in the study as well. 56% of people, ages 13-18 and 42% of people, ages 19-29, said that they used their cell phone in some capacity at night. The study found that, overall, teens, ages 13-18 reported sleepiness the most (22%) while adults, ages 19-29, followed close behind at 16%.

I thought that this study was very interesting. I usually am watching TV or playing videogames (of course) before I go to bed so, after reading this article, it will be interesting to see if watching TV before going to bed affects how I sleep. Although the fact that I am also a senior in college who is close to graduating might have something to do with my sleeping habits as well.

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