New Hitman Game Announced

It looks like Agent 47 is returning. Ever since "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin," I have been a big fan of the series and the news that there is a new game coming out, even if we don't know when, makes me excited to play it. The new game will be called "Hitman Absolution."

A teaser trailer was recently released showing what looks like Agent 47 putting a silencer on a pistol and then a snake coiling around a hand gun. The final shot is of everyones favorite barcode highligting the numbes 110706 and 47.

Hitman has always been one of my favorite game series for its freedom to complete a mission any way you want. If you feel like being stealthy, you can and if you feeling like shooting everything in sight, you can. Playing the game how you want to, I think, is one of the biggest challenges of any level in a Hitman game. If you choose to be stealthy, you really have to plan out how you are going to play the level so that you don't alert anyone. In previous games, one of the more satisfying aspects for me was playing through a mission completly stealthy and not alerting anyone and just walking to the exit like nothing happened. If you choose to just shoot everything in sight, you also have to make sure you  have the right guns and don't get outnumbered.

With the new game, I hope they implement some of the ideas that we have seen in other Hitman games. I want to see weapon customization like in "Hitman: Blood Money," so that we can decide how we want to use our weapons. On a weapons sidenote, I hope the silenced sniper rifle that fits in a briefcase returns because, lets face it, who wouldn't want a silenced sniper rifle that could fit in a briefcase. I also want mission rankings and rewards to return. In previous games, you could try to be a "silent assassin," by completing a mission in a stealthy fashion. If you got a silent assassin rating on some levels, you would earn new guns. The final aspect of previous Hitman games that I would like to see implemented into "Absolution" is a home base. In previous Hitman games, "Hitman 2" for example, you could go to your home base and see your collection of guns and practice with them.

Overall, I am excited to hear that a new Hitman game is coming out and for me personally, the Hitman series ranks up there with Splinter Cell (at least before Conviction came out) in terms of best stealth games.

Link to "Hitman Absolution" Teaser Trailer:

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