We get that she didn't go to rehab

Sorry if this offends anybody but in my opinion it's the truth

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It's sad that she died but, at the same time Norway did have a huge tragedy. In the U.S. people tend to care more about celebrities than current events, sad but it's true. People need to pay attention more to ther things than just singers, actors, etc.

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I completely agree with you and explicit_baron. Things like this are the reason people outside of america generally view americans as stupid and lazy. 

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It's sad really, I moved here when I was very young so, I don't consider myself an American. I pay attention a lot to international things not really celebrities and all the garbage reality TV shows. It frustrating at times.

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Dear Every News Channel: I will write you the angriest letter if you interupt developing news in Norway to discuss things we already know about Amy Winehouse. Spoiler alter: it was drugs.

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Blaming America for not paying attention? That's the media, not America. The media pays more attention to celebrities, making everyone believe America doesn't care about anything but themselves. The media shows the evil in Hollywood is good and it's fine and dandy to do and even get away with.

Am I saying Amy Wisenhouse or whatever was evil? No, she had a hard life and was a really REALLY good singer (don't like her type of music though) and it's sad, but cmon. Besides, I'd rather talk about a dead celebrity than a Nazi Revolt in Norway, it's less depressing.

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The media pays more attention to celebrities because its what the majority of Americans like to see. You sort of contradict yourself by stating that the media prefers to pay attention to it, but then go on to state that you yourself would rather hear about some dead celebrity than a world issue. Let's be honest America as a nation has the attention span of a 13 year old girl. Every other week its something new, and once that week has past its like all the previous week's problems completely disappeared. For example the earthquake in japan was very popular in the news for a week (maybe 2-3), but after that nothing. Same thing applies to the Haiti situation and even previous problems inside the country (I bet in a week no one will even be talking about the casey anthony thing). The fact that you would look at the Norway situation and say its depressing and that you would rather not pay attention to it is exactly the reason why foreigners view Americans as stupid (not saying you are stupid). The United States has tons to learn from Norway, Norway is literally one of the best places to live in the world (for many, many reasons), and how they deal with this situation is something we should all care about.

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You sound as if there should be updates constantly for every event outside America, at all times, all dies, forever until it's 100% fixed. What else is there to learn about Haiti? The poverty that was already there, how much money has already been donated, other corruption in the country that was already there, the amount of people that have died, how its rebuilding is going? Those who want to hear about that easily can, but most decide to move on because there isn't really anything new to learn about, and about jack sh** that they can do about it. Same with Japan, minus various points about Haiti.

I agree talking about the celebrity over Norway is stupid, but again, that's the media. I know tons of people who are mad at that, I've read tons of stories of tons of people who were mad at that, even now people are telling me that, all of which are Americans. The media doesn't show America what they like to see, they show America what they want America to see and make everyone else think that's what America likes, it even makes Americans think that's what America likes.

And I disagree about Norway being the best place to live because of its government, even if it is a major country playing a major part in a lot of places, but that's just me. (i.e. King)

And, one last thing, there are flaws in my argument but I'm trying to get what I'm meaning as best I can.

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People are stupid. Simple as that. Modern Warfare 2/Black Ops are also proof of that.

In some few weeks, both these will be forgotten (atleast by many), and I Suck To Sing's new album will be the nr1 thing people talk about. Or some new (worse than ever) Call of Duty game.

In 20+ years (I dunno how long Anders (bomber) will be in), wonder if there's gonna be any news about his release. Proabably a shitload of people that wants to kill him. Wonder how long he lasts.

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Bombing in Norway?

Kids murdered?

Is it sad that I didn't know these things happened, but I knew about Amy Winehouse?

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