MW3 Interpretation Trailer

 I'm ready for some big titles, so i can make some big videos. So i'll start up some hype with this video.

Jevrio's picture

Gah, such an overhyped game. Sure, shitload of kids will get boners over it, but those mature enough to see the truth, will realize that it sucks. Yes, I know that even without having played it. Why? Because they fucked up the same way with MW2 and BO. They simply makes too much money on these games to even bother to change anything. Same shit as before, just new places and weapons maybe. They make this 1,5min video just to make sure all kids knows that it's comming.

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Seen it all before... I'll probably rent it to play through the single player

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This image I found should really put a dent in anyone's "hype" over this DOA game.



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