Is Kinect Ruining Hardcore Games?

Well there's not much for me to type here. It's all in the video. I'm mainly posting this to clear up somethings about the new Kinect titles and give my opinions on the accessory. There has been a lot of talk about this ever since E3 earlier this year. I'm more interested in hearing some comments on this topic from my fellow gamers.

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Don't think I'd care if it was in "hardcore" games (man I hate using those two words in the same sentence) as long as you can still use the controller. If it isn't optional, it better be perfect or virtual reality.

Although it does seem people are forgetting the days when games used to be "pick up a controller and play." Now it's "need HD TV, need turtle beaches, need super fast modem." Oh well.

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Yeah I agree. But I have to say HD and headsets enhance gaming to a phenomenal level

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