Angry Birds Space (PC) Review

I was completely taken by surprise when the official Steam twitter tweeted this out today.


Naturally I was curious and purchased the game as soon as I could and was met with utter disappointment. Angry Birds Space is just another pathetic port designed to bring the filthy casuals into my PC domain. Here's a huge list of my problems.

1) No graphics settings. There is full screen and windowed mode. That's it. I can't turn on stereoscopic 3D, mess around with anti-aliasing or use post-processing. These graphics settings are MANDATORY for all PC games.

2) I already bought Angry Birds Space like 3 times already. This is not a Capcom game. Stop trying to be Capcom, Angry Birds.

3) Lack of full keyboard support. Yeah I can do a few things, but WASD is completely useless.

4) The birds aren't angry enough. I'm a PC player and I know all about being angry.


F off Angry Birds

The on screen cursor might as well be a middle finger from Finland to all PC players around the world. Yet another developer is trying to empty our pockets for console ports of shovelware. DO NOT BUY ANGRY BIRDS SPACE ON PC. MINUS 5 STARS.

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Steam? I'm already playing it on Chrome.

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If it was a full price 60$ or what most new games costs, I'd understand, but for 3,99€, 4,99€ when not on sale, it's not that bad.

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Well, that was certainly an unorthodox review. Nice PC elitist impressions by the way. ;)

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"DO NOT BUY ANGRY BIRDS SPACE ON PC"  Instead just find a cracked version of the game on any good torrent hosting site- just to mess around with for a few minutes here and there this game isn't so terrible on the PC. Bad Piggies was definitely superior on the PC just for the ease of building/controlling the vehicles: not opinion, fact.

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Thanks Josh. I try my best.

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