Angry Birds Go is Everything I Hate About F2P Games

Angry Birds Go encapsulates everything I hate about F2P games. I would rather pay $60 for a full- featured, well-balanced game than be nickel and dimed at every turn.

Angry Birds Go uses all the the following F2P "features":
~Does not show you prices until the confirm screen on $50 in-app purchases!!!
~2 different currencies: coins and gems
~Coin Doubler for $7
~Spend energy every time you race, then wait 30 mins to regenerate energy, or pay gems to race instantly
~Buy $50 cars
~Sponsored power-ups during the races (StateFarm Insurance for your kart, or Goldfish speed boosts)

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Here's how we'll stop it:

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They're just cashing in as much as they can.

This is the first and only good title Rovio has made.

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