Has it ever bothered you that you never really seem In control on a console shooter? How it always feels sluggish and awkward? A good solution; turn up your sensitivity, but now you have to go through the long adjustment period from slow to awkwardly fast, and your accuracy suffers. Ever wish you could play with low sensitivity accuracy with high sensitivity speed? FPS Freek is the answer.

FPS Freek is an addon you place atop the analog sticks. It delivers accuracy without sacrificing speed. Still not sold? Here's the science behind it.

It extends the length of your analog stick, which increases your length of motion, This gives you more leverage and increased control without disturbing your natural gaming feel. FPS Freek will help you to aim and lock in on your target faster, while putting less strain on your hands and finger.  It reduces force input while increasing player comfort, which helps you improve your accuracy and decrease your reaction time.

I play Call of Duty with a decent 1.60 K.D. In a twitch shooter like COD you need fast reflexes, speed and accuracy. FPS Freek definitely delivers. Before I used it, I could only handle Sensitivity 3; now I've moved up to 8, any decent player can tell you that being able to handle a high sensitivity on a twitch shooter like COD is the key to succes, there is only one downside. They will wear down the edges of your analog stick if you keep them on a long time, but this isn't a problem if you don't mind using them for all of your games.

On the FPS Freek site you can find hundreds of positive reviews, I recommend you check it out.

Out of a score of 10 It earns a 9 for me.

They come in Black or white for around 10.00 USD


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Interesting review, I've never really needed help in a shooter, usually 3 sensitivity works fine for me. Do you know whether there is a difference between all the different versions they have? I don't mean the difference between the speed freaks and fps freeks. I mean is there a difference between the legendary and prestige editions of the fps freeks?

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The Legendary and Prestige Editions have symbols embossed on the top, other than that no difference.

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This is not a place for advertising

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I have no affiliations with Kontrol Freek, lol. No one is paying me, I'm simply trying to get the word out on these things because many people seem to think they're just gimmicks.

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