Avermedia HD Recorder Test - Xbox 360 Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 3 with Commentary

This is my first video with commentary, I bought the Avermedia HD Recorder and this would be my first video with commentary. I would appreciate some feedback guys, good or bad. I will take the feedbacks on the chin and work on new videos to make it a lot better.

Leave some messages and tell me what you think, Thank you.

Josh Kowbel's picture

The quality is fine, but the video itself looks like it's being recorded with a shaky HD camera. The video rocks back and forth as if you're playing on the open seas with twenty foot waves. I don't know if that's just a setting issue, but people that succumb to motion sickness may have trouble watching the entire match. 

Adamb's picture

I really not sure why its doing this lol.. I remeber Youtube saying this video is very shaky, would you like us to fix this... But they have made it worse :? .. I will upload the same file this time and leave it.

John Tarr's picture

If you used the YouTube autocorrect stuff, undo it, it's absolutely garbage for gaming videos. If it wasn't YouTube making the video crappy, it's most likely a problem with the settings you used to compress the video after editing.

Adamb's picture

Cheers John, Looking a lot better.. I still need to speak a bit clearer next time, I seem to mumble.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

When you edited, did you use frame blending during rendering?

Diksickle's picture

I think the quality is great, i would recommend putting the voiceover file into Levelator, it does really make the difference. I am also interested in what audio and video software you use to edit and render your videos. Other than that i liked it, quality seemed to be great and its nice to see someone else on the site from the UK.

Adamb's picture

I was using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 - but I hear there's a 10.0 out. Its very good, apart from the voice recorder. Its a shambles. I use Audacity to record my voice and drag into Sony Vegas Pro.

I will try out Levelator thank you

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