2nd New Map Pack For Black Ops Leaked ?...

So here I have a pictue of the map "Hotel", which is the only one I can find from the list of the maps that have been leaked. Apparently some kid or bloke put on his PS3 and went in to community to check out some videos, But when he went through what maps to choose. These options came up:


Are these the new 2nd pack of maps for Black Ops ?.. Who knows. Some people say these are the dumped ones from the 1st pack which was released not long ago. Not sure why the Hotel picture was leaked but not the others.

Here is a Bird Eye view of Hotel.

Im sure one day we will find out.

Some one at Treyarch is crapping there pants waiting to be fired I guess..


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Are you sure this leak wasn't intentional?

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I wouldn't' t think Treyarch intended to put it up for 10 minutes then take it off. Its not very professional to do so.. It must of been some sort of mistake on there side but there keeping hush about it.

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Who gives a shit? I hate fucking paying for maps.

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