Acer C7 Chromebook Unboxing


The Acer chromebook is small, very light (3lb), very thin, just one inch thick, solid and does what it is supposed to do. Google chrome is quick and rarely freezes and the Chrome OS is very fast. It takes just 5 seconds to turn on and log in and you are ready to surf the web. The problem with this laptop is that it's just used to surf the web and everything you do is through the internet. You can't download programs, use Microsoft office or any other programs. Users will have to use Google's alternatives to most programs, alternatives like Google Drive and Google Docs.

The 16gb solid state drive is fast and users can at least download some files to the hard drive but, other than that there is not much use for it. Along with that the keyboard and overall laptop seems too small, typing  can be cramped and frustrating and the screen is small. Although Google did add a lot of useful shortcuts on the actual keyboard like a full screen key and Google search key. Overall though this little laptop is not much than a small little netbook that just browses the internet.

There are 3 usb ports, an HDMI port and a built in camera but, users can not use skype so they have to use Google's "Hangouts" There is no optical drive and the $199 price tag is high for something a cheaper tablet could do and much more. While it is a nice and light compact laptop, perfect for using on a plane or to surf the web on it, it's not much good for anything else. With tablets becoming cheaper and faster it would be a much better decision to buy one over this laptop. If the Acer Chromebook was sold at around $100 it would make a great and cheap little laptop to have lying around for quick web browsing but, for the current price tag and its lack of usefulness other than being a glorified web browser I don't recommend people purchasing it.

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