2013 NFL Pigskin Pickem Signups!

The NFL season kicks off this Thursday with the Broncos hosting the Ravens, so sign up NOW for our annual Pick'em league!

I am going to the Broncos v Ravens game Thursday, so look for me in the nosebleed seats.

Sign up for ESPN.com's NFL Pick'em League HERE.



Pick'em is by the easiest Fantasy Football game type to play.

  1. Pick the winner of every game
  2. 1 point for every correct choice
  3. Repeat for all 17 weeks of the season


It drops your lowest week's score, so if you forget to pick one week, you are not out of the final race.


2012 Results (Top 11 out of 87 Entries) 

  1. Avshockey5 
  2. Slim Pappy
  3. whateveritis12
  4. Explicit_D
  5. VinceCPA
  6. Paul_Da_Third
    Memo Packers

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