2012 NFL Pigskin Pickem & Fantasy Winners

The NFL regular season has come to a close. Let's all bask in the glory that has been the Broncos season, because I have nothing good to report (personally) about Pigskin Pickem or Fantasy standings.


NFL Pigskin Pickem Winners

  • Avshockey5 1, Avshockey5
  • Slim Pappy, Paperboy1550
  • whateveritis12, doinitforthecougar12
  • Explicit_D 1, Explicit_D
  • Beer_Baron, johntarrjr13
  • SirGoodies8 1, SirGoodies8
  • VinceCPA 1, VinceCPA
  • xOi_KrypTiic 1, xOi_KrypTiic
  • Memo Packers 1, Memo Packers
  • Paul_Da_Third 1, Paul_Da_Third
  • treviris 1, treviris


The Prizes

  1. $60 Amazon.com Gift Card & A swift kick to the balls
  2. $30 Amazon.com Gift Card
  3. $15 Amazon.com Gift Card
    4 through 10. - Beer Coozies!


To claim your prize, send me a message on ESPN.com with your email address and mailing address.


Fantasy Football Winners!

Or, more like, LOSERS! What a bunch of nerds.

  1. Pecan Sandies - Dan Broadbent ($165)
  2. The Adrian Peterson Show - Matt Childs ($55)
  3. Hartford Whalers - Hugo Olguin ($20)

I have all of your Paypal info and I will be sending out payments shortly.



And finally...



Magris's picture

And this guy said Jay Cutler was better than Peyton fucking Manning...

TurMoiL911's picture

Anybody else find it funny that Dan won? I remember on a few of the earlier podcasts when you ugys had guests on when you'd be talking about football and he just basically went, "It's hard to contribute to the conversation when you don't give a shit."

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