2 Chimps ep. 112: Overzealous Families Driving Imaginary Steering Wheels

Lots of E3 predictions and some Memorial Day weekend stories in our final podcast before heading out to Los Angeles for E3 2013.



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Djponyfunk's picture

You can't get the first 15 episodes of the podcast on iTunes anymore :(

Whiplash's picture

Very clever reference to your first podcast episode.

John Tarr's picture


That sucks. I just found out that iTunes will only list the 99 most recent episodes. You can download every episode on our Libsyn page.

ExplicitDQ's picture

What happened to the intro music with scatting guy?

Scumbagb3n's picture

Funny that I don't really expect or anticipate podcasts from you guys any more. It's more like if you decide to record one then it's nice.

Took a double take at the name also, maybye the older listeners get the reference.

Benjamin Weeks's picture

This is for Dan, to answer your question im 19.

Lazy's picture

I haven't listened yet, but I appreciate the title.

explicit_baron's picture

In Europe bored and alone with no games, internet or TV being able to download the old 2 chimps podcasts is the only thing keeping me sane. Thank you John for making those available, you have a future donation coming.

MrBeefy's picture

finally a new podcast. been checking regularly for this!!!

Charlie Walker's picture

Great podcast, can't wait to hear and see what happens at E3. 

At this stage of the Game of Console Thrones i think xbox is a smidge ahead of the competion only because they have the momentum of being very successful with the 360. But who knows, i really don't care, if both consoles are great why not enjoy them both? 

I like your idea that Nintendo could do a "Sega" and disappear from the hardware front altogether, although it will be hard to imagine not having a handheld to play Pokemon with.

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