2 Chimps On the Road at E3 2013 - Day Zero Press Conference Roundup

A two and a half hour podcast discussing all the press conferences with a few special guests!



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Humphrees's picture

Nice to see you having fun keep these up!

AbsoluteTerabad's picture

Real excited to see what you guys have to say about all the new content for the new consoles! 

jbrad6's picture

i think sony made sure they had enough give and take with price on the system so they could make pricing decision smartly in response to microsoft

also in reference to the head phone thing i have the older version of the one they were talking about with gta5 theyre pretty awesome

also Johns lack of magic eye thing sounds like visual dyslexia

MrBeefy's picture

Thanks for keeping us updated guys, really looking forward to your opinions on everything once E3 is all wrapped up!!

Have fun down there!

Lightning's picture

"You will die as the dog."
My sides are gone.

Whiplash's picture

John, you've clearly never read the M.D.A. in game design. You're judging a good game by surface elements, the dynamics of play, rather than the underlying, emotive reasons why you play a certain game.


This should help you understand what this all means.

Cooler's picture

Dan still has a boner for Microsoft, no surprise there.

The GTA V Headset is a special edition of the Sony Pulse Headset which is really good, even for watching TV etc. Highly recommend it if you ever buy a headset for Playstation.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Nice to hear so many people arguing instead of just two with some walk-ins.

Turmoil313's picture

Yeah, Dan can't let go of his precious Xbox.

ExplicitDQ's picture

Cool stories, Bros

Solifluktion's picture

Damn the "I thought this was 'Murica" part really made me laugh.

king clepto's picture

lmao there description of L.A. 

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