2 Chimps Ep. 116 - Not 114

New year, new podcast! Dan's future with WGG is discussed at length.


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I think one of the biggest problems with walkthroughs is that the games are starting to become less difficult, which in turn impacts your overall business. If you look back when NextGenWalkthroughs was big, the games that were being released at the time were some of the hardest games to play, but now with the rise of budgets from these massive studios, it makes the games less about being a "game", and more about being a "movie"—which means that it has to be more accessible than niche. That, in turn, draws away from the site as being a walkthrough for games. I wish you guys good luck moving forward.

explicit_baron's picture

Great podcast sad to hear Dan is leaving the site and the house.

a.curious.kiwi's picture


doooooooooooooooooooon't goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

nah, kidding. you do what you think is best for you. but we'll all miss you, Dan.

and to both Dan and John: keep on being awesome!

TurMoiL911's picture

It's weird to hear that Dan's leaving the site. I don't even know how many walkthroughs I've watched just to listen to your guys' banter. Best of luck, Dan.

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How can I donate to Dan's app?

getrdun21's picture

We will miss Dan a lot and hope to use his app come June. Hope everything works out for both sides and I still will always be here supporting both of you in whatever you do whether it is continuing this site or working for some other site or company!

Humankillerx's picture

Jesus I feel like this was just an  hour of mommy and daddy telling me that they both still love me and nothing will change.




Cooler's picture

Great surprise to see this downloading in the Podcast app this morning. Best of luck with the app Dan!

Scumbagb3n's picture

I can easily see you guys continuing to drink/play for a few years

How much does Dan need for his app to see completion?

BR4D_F3163's picture

Big thanks to you guys and all you have done!  You fine gentlemen single handedly revived my gaming passion and inspired me to make a few guides myself and I can't thank you guys enough for that.  

Best of luck with the app Dan!  And it is glorious to hear that John wants to (and probably will) continue to be a gaming professor.  This site is one of my favorite bookmarks and that will never change.

Game on!

ppg1987's picture

I have been following your guys guides, and listening to the podcasts for years. Just wanted to say you guys are awesome and I really enjoyed all your material. The sight won't be the same without you Dan, you will be missed. Hopefully you guys will still collaborate occasionally, I think everybody would enjoy that. You will always have my support. Keep working hard, and Game ON!!

Dan Broadbent's picture

Thanks everyone!  I'm sure you'll be hearing from me occasionally while John and I are still living at the house for the next 5 months.

@plasmalaser1 - Not taking donations for the app.  I'm currently raising money from friends and family to get the app launched.

@Scumbagb3n - I have already raised enough for the app to see completion.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

Good luck with the app Dan. Sad to see you go, but I'm sure it's for the best.

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