2 Chimps Ep. 111 - Vomit Sink

Days since last podcast: TOO LONG.


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Media Overload

  • The Passage
  • Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Black Swan
  • All Elevations Unknown
  • Metro 2033
a.curious.kiwi's picture

I, for one, think you guys did a great job of pushing out Drink Alongs, but maybe a) your livers weren't too happy about that and b) it was a lot of content to keep up with, especially for someone like me, a college student who has a whole bunch of other shit going on and ends up lagging behind on watching Drink Alongs.

Maybe a weekly release schedule of content would be a good idea. I subscribe to a few people on YouTube that do that, like Geek & Sundry, Day[9], and itmeJP. Maaaaaybe Monday podcast/occasional Mailbag Monday, Wednesday Premature Evaluation, and Friday Drink Along, or something. I mean, not that I'm trying to dictate anything, mostly suggesting.

John Tarr's picture


Mailbag Monday videos require people sending us something to open, which we have not got in a few months :( I appreciate the feedback though.

swu's picture

It's the Punnett square that is the table of dominant and recessive genes, Mendel that did the genetics testing on peas. And Mandelbrot... he did computer visualizations of iterative fractals.

Also, as far as English football is concerned, the league below the EPL is the League Championship, then below that the League 1, then below that the League 2. That's the extent of 'pro' football, relegation after that is to regional leagues.

cheller2015's picture

A void in my heart has been filled now that you guys are back

And for the amazon affiliate link, in case you haven't already noticed, if you make a bookmark on your browser after you have used the link on the site, it is still considered the affiliate link 

Langis's picture

Link is broken :(

other_barry's picture

The download link doesn't work.

Benjamin Weeks's picture

Finally a new Podcast, its been way to long.

Solifluktion's picture

I almost shat my pants when I saw that there is a new podcast. Finally, I really missed you guys.

Charlie Walker's picture

Great return Podcast guys. At least the long break has given you good stories to tell us. I was insanely jealous by your deep sea dive John. Although i understand 100% what you mean by your reluctance to talk about yourself to avoid bragging or seeming big headed. 

Looking forward to upcoming content you guys do. 

P.S yes QPR are awful 

John Tarr's picture

Fixed the download link, not sure what happened, sorry about that.

Mr Hat's picture

It was interesting for me to hear you talk about the feeling of having the rug pulled out from under you, John, and the expectation that something is going to go wrong. I had a friend who recently committed suicide, it was one of those completely unexpected events that just shakes up your life. Prior to this, I'd read a little of the philosopher Seneca's writings, and one of the tenets of his philosophy is to wake up every morning and take a mental inventory of everything that could possibly go wrong, so that way you are prepared when something does go wrong. Personally I disagree, I believe that living under a cloud of constant uncertainty and self doubt isn't living at all. So I guess my point in this very long winded post is not to beat yourself up over what could go wrong with your business, but to always endeavor to put in 100% (which I believe has always been your approach to the site), realistically there isn't anything more you can do.

Musica's picture

I have to correct John here about Metro: Metro 2033 is based on the book Metro 2033 the only big difference between the video game and the book is the extra secret ending in the video game. Metro: Last Light is based on the universe of Metro 2033 4Agames worked with the writer of Metro 2033 to give the story the same feel as the previous game Metro: 2033. Just an extra note for John I remember Dan saying he played Metro 2033 and you have not. I strongly suggest you play it trust me when I say this is a game you cannot pass up.

Solifluktion's picture


I second that. But play it in russian with subs. Better voicework and better atmosphere.

explicit_baron's picture

of the better podcasts I've heard in a while. Glad to see you haven't completely abandoned it.

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