2 Chimps Ep. 110 - Electric Slide

Manscaping, Dead Space 3, and Aliens: Colonial Marines.



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plasmalaser1's picture

Wait, you guys do a podcast? Joking aside, I think its great you guys are making so much content with the Drink Alongs and the Trailer talks. Some things from the podcast that I don't want to fade away are:

  • Shooting the shit and guests. When there are more than just John and Dan the conversation flows better, and there are usually more drunk stories and shenanigans then just gaming talk.

  • Media overload- I've noticed in the Drink Alongs the discussion is more focused on the game itself and there isn't an opportunity to plug movies and TV shows you guys are watching. I've watched many movies and tried new podcasts thanks you your recommendations.


I know you guys don't have to do the podcast but know that I appreciate the time you guys put into making it.  If you guys do decide to end it, please try to add some of the things that I mentioned into the Drink Alongs or other content you guys make. 

counterdelta55's picture

At least have a game year edition. 

NoobSauceG7's picture

The podcasts that you guys do are some of my favorite content that you guys do.  I have tried to get into the more frequent drink alongs but it is a huge time commitment to watch videos since you guys do make commentary about what is happening in the game so it is not the same to just listen to it in the background.  And they are random and unscripted so there is some down-time in those live, unplanned videos.  That is the advantage of podcasts where you talk in an organized manner and have an agenda.  Part of it too is that I like to hear your opinions on games and usually in drink alongs there is not as much as a podcast or regular guide.

Now if you guys do a video portion where you do just talk and have an agenda that would be great, since I can do other things while that is happening.  At the end of the day, it is your decision and if you feel like you are not getting what you put in then that is fine.  You guys do have great jobs playing video games for a living and while you may not be billionaire lawyers, you have what I would think is one of the best jobs.  Keep up the good work.

TurMoiL911's picture

Suggestions for new content? Obligatory request for new Sweatpants Diaries.

Djponyfunk's picture

Please don't quit the podcast. Change the structure, integrate it with youtube, whatever you have to do.

michaelkirschner's picture

You pee every time you poop on the toilet but I've never remembered pooping and peeing my pants at the same time

Scumbagb3n's picture

If you guys feel that the time of the Two Chimps is ending and you have lost interest in the podcast then definitely stop recording them.If your hearts aren't in it then in my mind it could become something forced and wrong- like when a TV series goes one season too far and you know it has just turned bad.

Explicit_A's picture

I'm extremely sad that you aren't into the podcasts anymore. I am the guy that emailed you and told you I listen to each of them 20+ times. I continue to listen to them over and over again. I use this to listen to you guys in the car, when I'm just around alone and shopping. I've basically grown up with you guys in the past years. Your podcast is on top of my list, over Adam Corolla, CAG cast, Joe Rogan, and Roosterteeth. 


If you post them to youtube as video podcasts along with the audio on itunes, I won't mind. I just hope that you don't end them. The best part of my month is the day I see a blue dot on your podcast tile in the podcast app.

saxnoob's picture

Please do not stop the podcast. I have been listening and following the site since around episode 35, and the podcast has always been the highlight to my week (or, more recently, 2 or 3 weeks). I have definitely noticed that the podcasts are coming less frequently, but I think they are just as good. 

Recently, you have been doing a lot of drink alongs and premature evaluations, which is wonderful. For a long time I have thought that the only reason you aren't as popular as you deserve is because you didn't have a regular thing that you did, every day or two. The drink alongs are a great opportunity for you guys to drink and shoot the shit and talk about random things, and get fresh content out regularly. The difference between that and the podcast is that drink alongs are generally steered by the game itself. So, the range of possible topics is much narrower than that of the podcast. 

The podcast is my source of high respected opinion on games, news, and life. Not only am I left smarter and better informed after listening, but I feel that I know you guys more than I would if I had just listened to the little snapshots that are Drink Alongs. The podcast is a place for dedicated listeners to enjoy your voices and banter, and to get in on inside jokes, to get to know you two, and to get to know your roommates and friends. I know by heart all the little inside jokes, like "gas to mass ratio," "wiped your ass with trash," "40 ounce bounce," and more.

Even if the podcast was made monthly, I would encourage you two to continue. It is wonderful and would be a shame if you stopped. 


A dedicated and loving fan.

G.Leader's picture

Trainnies are girls with dicks. In fact, chicks with dicks .com is an actual website.

Solifluktion's picture

The podcast is my favorite part of WGG. The Drink-Alongs are nice as well but since I listen to the podcast on the go it offers something the DAs never can. Maybe if you just dropped the Newsstuff and reduced the podcast to funny banter and Media Overload you'd have more fun recording it. The Comcast will take care of news etc.


So John only has to "let go" to poop and he also shaves his asshole....I'm sensing a story.

Also Dan is correct concerning proper pooping and wiping etiquette.

Charlie Walker's picture

The Podcast is my favorite piece of content that you guys provide. However i think one of the main reasons it works so well is that you guys seem to really enjoy doing them. You don't have to force yourself to meet a weekly deadline unlike other podcasts. As a result you've never provided false fun entertainment just to ship the content out and get your regular downloads, unlike other groups. 

Having said this if you two are genuinely not enjoying the podcast like you once did, then I suggest you move on. If you stop viewing the podcast as great audio and start seeing it as a chore then the quality will begin to decline over time. In return we, the listeners, would be listening to you guys not having any real fun discussions, with no real flow to your dialogue whilst you stretch out a podcast long enough just to be called satisfactory. 

Honestly i think one of the reasons the podcast doesn't gain substantial numbers is due to the size of the business as it currently sits. Don't get me wrong, I could never make a website as big as yours and gain the amount of followers you already have. But in comparison to the top podcasters and their business such as Rooster teeth, this is still very much a niche group. For a random person to start listening to your podcast, they have to scroll through 2 or 3 pages worth of Youtube videos, randomly click on one, enjoy your voice over and decide they want more. (In the form of a podcast). Whereas the top Podcasts already have a substantial following that makes their content "Trend" therefore getting a lot of advertisement elsewhere. 

What ever you guys decide to do i shall continue to support you. As long as you continue to innovate,  keep up the fun drink alongs and informative guides I have no doubt you will succeed. 

Also great podcast  :) 

Cooler's picture

Long overdue, thought I would never see another episode! Haven't listened yet but, don't quit! Giant Bomb do a podcast every Tuesday, usually 3 hours long, and have never missed a day! If they can commit to that, surely you can do something similar. Even if its once a month, at least its something. Anyway its just a suggestion, as it would be sad to see the podcast go. I only listen to two podcasts and I prefer 2 Chimps over Giant Bomb.

AdamWest's picture

Dan & John, I think you are cannibalizing the download count by providing the podcast on both your site as well as Youtube. I love the podcast, drink alongs, first impressions, pretty much anything you guys voice over. What i think you should consider is reducing the length of the podcast to maybe an hour, that way you won't get burnt out on it so fast. 

Langis's picture

You shouldn't do a podcast if you've got nothing to talk about, this site is about video after all.

So, I don't know, keep it for when you have something interesting going on, doesn't have to be an hour either.

Red_Baron2011's picture

I have to agree with Plasmalaser1 here a little, the structure of the podcast is good the way it is and I do NOT think it would be a good idea to start meshing media overload into the Drink Along's. In fact I'd talk about the games themselves EVEN MORE. Look back to Killzone 3 and Bulletsorm, probably the best organized Drink Alongs because in those original ones it was about making up drinking rules SPECIFICALLY for those games and STICKING to those rules very thoroughly, and the strictness to the rules made it MORE fun to DRINK ALONG. Same to be said with the podcast: Look back at episode 1, the most organized episode and yes it was a little more formal but I think you underestimate that we like the formality because it helped you organize your thoughts and come up with more well thought out opinions, and most certainly having guests to riff off of is nice now and then. The way I see it maybe treat it like radio and have as little DEAD AIR as possible and economize time more; if they're a little shorter it'll be fine but if you're a little prepared ahead of time and engaged and talking it's better for us and better for you not laying back on the davenport and trying to remember what to say (because we know that happens to you alot) and finding yourselves uninterested. I do hope you keep podcasting because I still believe if you guys start expanding you could one day top groups like the Media Cows and then possibly compete with people like the Yogscast, and I really don't want to see you guys fail. I hope you make a well thought out decision.

BR4D_F3163's picture

Here's my thought for you guys and your podcast dilemma. You guys should NEVER feel any pressure for putting them out.  Do them when you want to.  You guys are putting out a ridiculous amount of content lately and I can't complain if it takes you a month or so to put one out.  If it takes a month or even longer, so be it.  It's better for everyone if you do it when you guys really want to.  Like Dan said, the podcast is good because you guys can just sit back, not play a game and talk about all the good things in life, like pube trimmings and butt wiping techniques.  That is what makes us all have a better day.  

With that being said, Johns 2 square wipes are mind blowing to me.  I do 5 squares and fold twice, very safe.  And Dan's 'poop-fasting' for 6 days might be worse.  1 poop a day is a must.  

Lastly, I envy that you guys live with a bunch of hilariously hot (sounding) red heads.  And I missed hearing from Sammy, she's hilarious!  You guys live a really good life.  Keep up the good work!

getrdun21's picture

I agree with BR4D even if it takes a month to get out I still look forward to it. If you do it when you actually want to then it will be more fun for both of you. Most people here don't care about the time because I am usually full of podcasts to listen to and then when they die down yours usually pop up. You guys have done a lot for the site with the new three day drink alongs and the guides and then the trailer talks and add the prematures that all equals to a large amount of content. Even the livestreams are here and there and everyone still loves them. However, it is your site and your work so if you guys are really getting tired of the podcasts then do what you will but know that the WGG community is always here to back you two. I will surely miss the crazy stories that got me to laugh in the middle of class while the rest of the people are still taking the test.

EvilDan's picture

The livestream is a good idea for the podcast but to be honest I think you should just continue with what you're doing. I enjoy that there is only one podcast a month or there abouts. You should not feel under pressure on releasing them. The only idea I think of that might get more people to download the podcast is to make them shorter. Sometimes I'm put off downloading a podcast because it's too long, like over 90 mins. An idea would be to shorten them down from 2 hours to between 30 - 90 mins max maybe. Least you won't have to worry about having nothing to talk about. Keep it short and simple.

Cooler's picture

Don't implement the podcast into a Drink Along, that wouldn't work. The livestream is a good idea, plus us international fans who miss it will still be able to listen to it on iTunes etc. The podcast being too long is crazy talk. Giant Bomb have 3 hour + podcast every week and look at how successful that is. No one forces you to listen to a whole podcast and you can pause and resume at any time.

After listening to this episode I really enjoyed it, even when talking about shit its still hilarious and entertaining. I agree with John that standing up to wipe is normal, Dan is the weird one.

Look forward to the next episode, even if it is months away ^_^

explicit_baron's picture

Guys the podcast is a good thing. I know you post  A LOT of content drink alongs, guides, gameplay etc. but the podcast is like casual content for people who are not devoted to the site and still enjoy listening to you.

I suggest posting your podcast on Sticher, Youtube and just start asking for feedback. I haven't sent any emails thinking you guys were too busy but, I'll be happy to send something. Your podcast viewers would increase if you distribute your podcast to otehr places, itunes is great but, a live stream and twitch would be a good idea. Stick with the bi weekly or every 3 weeks so you can devote a day to the work for the podcast.

While you make lots of great content, a podcast is like one of those features a good media site should have outside of it's regular content.

This still makes me crack up uncontrollably

DMetalType's picture

It's a shame that you guys are losing the enthusiasm to do the pod casts as they are always entertaining to listen to.

I understand the reason why you would want to focus on new content and the drink-alongs instead though.

I think more live streaming in the future would be great aswell. Maybe Q&A sessions, live drink-alongs, live pod casts with guests. Gives you the chance to communicate with the fans regularly. 

ZestfulClown's picture

The Media Overload section introduced me to Arrested Developement.  If you do stop the podcast, make sure to introduce Media Overload to the Drink Alongs.  Future generations need to see what you guys are watching/listening to, because you two have great taste.

AudioMeth's picture

I love the podcast! but if it is ending you guys should still do a game of the year cast, an E3 cast, and some special podcast where you have guest on. I agree with some of the other comments on keeping media overload. It has introduced me so much more content like Tv shows, games, and movies.



phantomroy08's picture

I have not listened to this episode yet, but I have read the comments. I have been listening to the podcast since episode 1 as a freshman in high school and now I'm a Senior. I have grown up with this podcast and personally im willing to sacrifice drink alongs, trailer talk, live streams or any combination to keep the podcast alive. It has been the only podcast out of the 5 I have just sat on the bed and listened to in one sitting on several occasions.

PigheadedBobobo's picture

The reason i like the podcast is I get to hear your opinions on movies games etc. but I wouldn't mind seeing that three times a week in drink alongs rather than once every two weeks in a podcast. It seems like you guys haven't been doing a lot of commentary on guides recently and I'd rather see that than more podcast personally.

Delta 25's picture

Why would you want to stop doing the podcast!! 2 words... Poop, chick-dick

erat's picture

So i just got done listening to the podcast and i'm so outraged i'm posting this before reading any other comments.

Couple of thoughts off the top that come to mind. You guys better not stop putting podcasts up. I don't care if you strap the microphone to the back of Carl for a couple hours and upload the MP3 because i'll still download it. Seriously, upload something. You want a good suggestion, how about just taking the MP3 from the Drink Alongs and upload them. It's not like you need to be watching the video when you guys are rambling on. It's plenty entertaining to just listen. For example, i listen at work. I can't exactly throw on a youtube video with what i do. In the car, is another great area for listening to podcasts.

So with that being said, i don't care what it is, or what the content is (hell you guys talked for over an hour about pubes, and chick dicks. How could i complain about content). Just get something on iTunes, so we can listen to something. If you were to stop the podcasts i would likely completely stop coming to your site. I frequently it rarely as is (seeing as how late i am to comment on this podcast) but i do come to see the stuff i want to watch on occasion just because you may have talked about it in your podcasts. Hell, i would have never played FC3 if it wasn't for the podcasts, that then lead me to the site...

Speaking on boring content, quit being whiny little girls. (offensive here, don't take it personal) Like i said, you just talked about jack squat this last podcast, and i don't think anyone complained. I love when you guys talk about boring stuff too. Talk about weekends you can't remember, talk about Carl scratching his ass, talk about whatever. Keep the old format, create a new format, really i don't think it matters. You're down to one podcast a month, you can't write some stuff down (maybe you guys do) and just talk off of that. I can't see how there is any shortage of content.

While i may be the only person who can say this, the podcast is the ONLY reason i came to this site and knew about you guys.

TL DR - Don't stop the podcast, i'll cry.


PS. It looks like continuum is on Netflix. 4.4 stars. I'm telling you, it's good. Take some time and watch it, i want to hear about it on the next podcast. Because you WILL be doing a next podcast!

PSS. I googled 40oz bounce.... That was ...not exactly what i was expecting.

Superfly1124's picture

I believe the word that Jon was looking for at 32:30 was "excrementialism." I have always been drawn to your content by your comedic banter and stories of drunken debauchery, so the podcast has been consistently entertaining over the years. However, another one of my YouTube subscriptions, ContinueShow, has had their podcast reach the top 5 in the iTunes' games and hobbies chart but their videos with a Podcast's audio and a static image apparently don't translate well. Perhaps you could take the route that thegamestation podcast takes where you guys could video chat with one or two other members of the WGG community. I think the host of that podcast uses Xsplit to get the 3 other webcam feeds on screen and then he proceeds to broadcast the chat via Twitch.

Galantti's picture

As a listener of the podcast since it was released (your pidcast made me hook up to listening podcasts in the first place) i am sad to hear about it being hard to make. :'(

But i do like that "shows" update themself to suit the needs of the current "vibe", and streaming podcasts sound good idea. But since i usually have 200 yt videos in the "watch later", a yt / vimeo versions is too much for my listening need.

But since i listen podcasts on the public transport OR while delivering newspapers @ night, i like to listen them via my headphones (or streamed from my phone's fm-transmitter to the car radio while working) i would like to if you went to the streaming route to keep making mp3's in the rss so my symbian powered phone could dl them.

Keep up the good work, and try to keep the poopcast appearing every 2 weeks or even once a month.

DOownhill's picture

save the podcast! and your two roommates need to be on more often!

the drink alongs are awesome as well, but the stories you guys tell on the podcast is something i would really miss. the top 10 and 5's you did a few times were a great add on to the podcast as well.

the barf towel and reading maps are my favourite ones.

btw. have you ever solved the mistery of the barf towel?

rharris389's picture

I have listened to nearly every episode. I dont want to tell you what to do, but i enjoy every episode of the podcast no matter how random they are. I also appreciate the time that you put into making them. this is, by far, my favorite podcast, and the one i listen to before any others. just my 2 cents

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