2 Chimps Ep. 109 - Maybe You Learned Something?

Christmas, FTL, Halo 4 and Wal Mart.




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Media Overload

Dust: an Elysian Tale
Mark of the Ninja
Knytt Underground
Frog Fractions
Halo 4

Procession of the Dead
Cloud atlas
Black swan
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep?
4 Hour Chef
Steve Jobs

The story of Mojang
Star Wars Despecialized Edition
Walmart : The High Cost of Low Prices



phantomroy08's picture

Goddamnit, another two chimps. There goes my plans for homework tonight.

ZestfulClown's picture

So I was listening to this while playing FTL, and kinda realized that the podcast was finished for half an hour before i noticed anything was amiss

I also picked up that Simpsons book, thanks for posting that deal

Solifluktion's picture

You really have to keep playing The Walking Dead.

max_power's picture

I was one of those people that lost all saved data for The Walking Dead game.  Totally sucked, since I was an hour into episode 5 when it happened.  And its not exactly the type of game that I want to start a new game all over from the beginning.  Hopefully you guys don't encounter this glitch.

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