2 Chimps Ep. 107 - GAMES GAMES GAMES

Black Ops 2, Halo 4, Assassin's Creed 3, Hitman: Absolution, Far Cry 3, Kansas City and Thanksgiving.


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  • Halo 4
  • Black ops 2
  • Family guy
  • Lego LotR
  • Far cry 3
  • Assassin’s Creed 3
  • Hitman: Absolution
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • The fall of reach
  • Skyfall
Benjamin Weeks's picture

Holy Shit it has been a while since the last podcast.

Charlie Walker's picture

Very good podcast. Dans drunk segment was awesome.

Dan -"No, NOOO. Goddamitt."

*Chuckle chuckle*

"Hey you touched my penis" 

Dan- "And your penis is Humongous" *squeals* 



Don't forget people to do the NFL Pick'em this week.!!

Solifluktion's picture

Drunk Dan is hilarious.

NoobSauceG7's picture

Great podcast like always! So many games!

Humphrees's picture

Thanks for doing another podcast it has been a while!

Mr. 2049's picture

I go for a walk around midway airport everytime a podcast releases, I havent gone for a walk in 6 weeks.

Solifluktion's picture

@Mr. 2049

I listen to the podcast on my way to work, unfortunately I can't just skip work for a few weeks until the next episode is out.

brodyitis's picture

This is the first podcast I have listened to in months. Between school, the gym, and EMT training I can hardly find the time. Hopefully my schedule will clear up enough to start writing for the site again. By the looks of it, it would seem that it has really grown since my last post.

SuperRedRonin's picture

The only real difference between a comic book and graphic novel is whether or not you're embarrassed to say comic book or not. You could, if you wanted to, get incredibly specific between a single issue/floppy/pamphlet, a collection of issues/trade, or a graphic novel (which would be a single story meant to be told in a 100-200 page format, hence the novel part). But largely, graphic novel is just a fancy way of saying of comic book.

MetalGearGamer305's picture

if i man say for AC3, i soooo agree with the bombs how they needed to be took out. but the reason they took out puzzles is because they had no need for them anymore  they were for subject 16 who was trying to talk to you which you do in the revelation cut scenes 

aznskillz336's picture

You guys ever thought of putting the time stamps for each section of the podcast episode in the description?

erat's picture

Alt+enter or ctrl+enter will bring back the true full screen in FC3. Can't remember which one, but it's something like that.

John Tarr's picture

@erat Good tip

explicit_baron's picture

Listening to this podcast a bit last, halfway through, I'm guessing there was no stripper party for 10000 videos and 100000 youtube subscribers?

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