2 Chimps Ep. 104 - Breaking Brad's Bread

The Walking Dead (game), Breaking Bad season finale, and ARE YOU READY FOR SOME (fantasy) FOOTBALL!


The Book of Mormon
The Walking Dead (game)
Breaking Bad (season finale spoilers are during the last segment, we give plenty of warning)


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Green Man's picture

Anybody notice that when you download this episode and the last one on iTunes, they're six hours long? Podcast ends up looping and whenever you pause, it will skip back a few minutes when you un-pause. Anybody else have the same problem?

John Tarr's picture

@Green_Man I have no idea why the most 2 recent episodes are acting so weird on iTunes, but you're not alone. Do you subscribe to the show through iTunes or download each episode individually? And how do you download the episodes (PC, Mac, iOS, etc.).

Thanks, hopefully we can get this figured out.

michaelkirschner's picture

John did you update drupal or install any plug-ins recently?  Maybe the XML is getting messed up and the meta data provided to iTunes is incorrect

4rch3n3my's picture

Green Man.. same thing here. I subscribe via itunes and I download on my PC.

Green Man's picture

@John_Tarr I subscribe to the podcast through iTunes on my PC. I just downloaded the podcast on my iPhone 4s  through iTunes and it came out just fine.

Josh Kowbel's picture

I sympathize with John's road rage. If someone pulls out in front of me on the highway, you bet your ass I'm speeding up to 70 and leaving them behind. Maybe I'll get to experience some of that stress relief when my Dad and I take his BMW down to their driving school for a track day. 

Breaking Bad is a Giant Bomb quote. It's a subscriber-only series where the guys task Brad with earning difficult achievements, but he usually gives up after reaching his breaking point, hence the name.

I plan on getting my first tattoo around Thanksgiving. Nearly three years ago, I struggled with severe depression, as in borderline suicidal. If not for the intervention of a best friend I've known since middle school, I probably wouldn't be typing this message. I'll spare everyone the details, but she saved me, and Thanksgiving marks the three-year anniversary of my epiphany. I decided to have her initials tattooed in calligraphy/cursive on my chest or shoulder. 

Pavan's picture

This kinda of a spoiler for Breaking Bad but to who ever watched Death Note, I bet it going to end something like that. Walt (Light/Akira) is going to be so powerful but Hank (L) is going to catch him before Walt is going to be totally out. But in Breaking Bad there is a lot more stuff happening between Walt (Light/Akira) and Hank (L).

Cooler's picture

On iTunes it says its just under 7 hours on my Mac.

DOownhill's picture

06.16 hours for me on my mac through iTunes

eggstrovaganza's picture

As always a great show! Thanks for that! Please do keep it up. What makes me a little scared: I am almost nine years older than Dan. But I am looking much younger than he. Jägermeister seems to preserve ... ;)

MYWuCHA's picture

6 hours long. I'm on a pc and just downloading the episode through itunes.  I think the problem is fixed when you download the podcast directly from this page though. uh also i think your download link is dead. 

Burchy's picture


That will be such a brilliant tat, I want one that's sentimental also. Problem is I don't have many sentimental things that could become a tattoo, maybe one day!

NightShroud's picture

Did you guys discuss breaking bad? Can't remember you talking about it in this episode. Could've phased out over it though.


@Pavan: Breaking Bad always did remind me of Death note in how character interactions and dynamics work. Very interesting to see someone else do this well.

TurMoiL911's picture

Xbox Live has Aegis Wing as a free-to-play title on the Arcade as well. Happy Wars isn't the first one.

And when you guys mentioned about somebody making a lot of money off hosting yoga videos on YouTube ... do you guys have a link to that channel?

phantomroy08's picture

No, night shroud, they did not talk about breaking bad at all. They completely forgot. Also, I tried to download the podcast through the download link and it didnt work at all. But besides those things, great podcast as usual.

IceFire's picture

It was 6 hours for me and I am subscribed to the podcast on itunes. I also had the problem that when I paused it, and came back, it would start almost a half hour away from where i left off. Great podcast as usual. 

MrArchebald's picture

John, I can not download the podcast through the website.

Fix it pease! =)

John Tarr's picture

Fixed the direct download link, sorry about that. This week's cast is a fucking mess.

MrArchebald's picture

Thank's alot. Hope the next one will be fine.

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