Minecraft: Hardcore Factions PVP

Hey Everyone,


This is Aetosaur, the host of WGG's Minecraft server (and soon to be Day Z server). The server is in its infancy but it's mostly set up. Here are a few things you can expect from the server: 


ÆCRAFT (Pronounced I-Craft)

Ip: minecraft.wikigameguides.com

Teamspeak: teamspeak.wikigameguides.com


What Our Server Has to Offer:


Professional, Mature, and Fair Staff

100 Slots

No Downtime (Up 24/7)

No lag, great host!

Carefully tweaked and chosen plugins

Full loot no faction chest protection

Tons of ways to get around warps/ Sethome/ Tpa etc

Shops to buy and sell items/ Player shops/ Pvp shop

Hardcore pvp tnt and bucket use in enemy territory

We allow stealing and griefing

Pvp arenas

Incredible but fair Donator Packages


Plugin List:










sporeknight12345's picture

Cool I needed a new server after my last one died. Are there any rules against animal farms cause those are sort of my schtick.

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