Hard Difficulty Walkthrough - Bioshock

Welcome To Rapture

Fistfull of Lightning
To The Kashmir
Rocking the Kashmir
To The Medical Pavillion

Medical Pavillion

Getting To Surgery
Turret Love
Fire and a Funeral
Wrench Jockey
Telekenisis and Ambushes
Paging Dr. Steinman
Big Daddies

Neptune's Bounty

Rosie is Going Down
Visiting Peaches
Teddy Gifts
What's Wrong Mr. B?
Getting the Camera
Postal Service
Splicers and Beer
Rosie Rides Some Rockets
Roasting a Peach
Smuggler's Hideout


Houdini Surprise
Good Day to Die Mr. B
Clearing The Glens
The Canal
Waterfal Grotto
Nooks and Crannies
Bubbles and a Botanist
Getting the Rose
Breaking the Contract
Off to the Market

Farmer's Market

Grocery Shopping
Feeding Bubbles a Nade
Back to Arcadia
Battle Royale
Next Stop, Fort Frolic

Fort Frolic

An Evening with Sander Cohen
Lower Atrium
Fleet Hall
Martin Finnegan
Poseidon Plaza Ghosts
Trappin' a Big Daddy
Bubbles Hasn't Learned
Hector Rodriguez
Different Day, Same Stupid
Silas Cobb
The Wrench Dance
Off To Hephaestus


You Can Taste it Can't You
Ryan's Wall
Daddy in the Core
Impossible to Build
Heat Loss Monitoring
Working on a Daddy
Building a Bomb
Finishing a Bomb
Rocket Man Bubbles
Blowing up the Core
A Time to Destroy
Would You Kindly

Olympus Heights

Code Yellow
Bistro Blitzo
Lurking for a Daddy
Mercury Rising w/Mr. B
Visiting an Old Friend
Culpepper's Bath
Suchong's a Tool
Polar Bears and Plasmids
Journey to Apollo

Apollo Square

Rosie Trips and Falls
Artemis Suites
Clearing up the Suites
Finishing up the Suites
Back to the Square
Daddy Gone
Hestia Chambers
Off to Point Prometheus

Point Prometheus

Booting Up
Eww That Smell
Optimized Eugenics
Room to Room
Big Daddy Groans
Take Your Protein Pills
Snazzy New Suit
Time To Prove Yourself

Proving Grounds

This Way Mr. B
Camera's are my Friend
Stay Close
Bubbles on Bubbles
Fontaine Fight

ppg1987's picture

This is by far the best walkthrough I have ever seen. Video, book or otherwise. I was able to beat this game to a pulp on the hardest difficulty and without dying once, and get all the the achievements in one playthough. Mactiddy you are the man, you made the best guide ever!!

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