Handyman Tips - Bioshock Infinite

Shows a easy way to kill the Handyman which will work on all difficulties.

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Good tips. I just fought the first handyman in the game (1999 mode of course) and found that you basically have to be as aggressive as he is, use as many salts as needed to stun him while you unload your explosive weapon into him and maybye resort to your carbine to finish him.

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Approach I found to be the best was to equip the Winter Shield gear, there is nearly always a freight hook or skyline around when you encounter a Handyman. Trick is to run, quickly jump to a skyline/freight hook and then jump off again (for some reason Wintershield sometimes doesn't trigger when jumping onto a skyline/freight hook but always triggers when you jump off). Exploit that moment of invulnerablity to pound the handyman with your choice of weapon at close range (I used handcannon), he will hit you but do no damage, once wintershield starts to drop, run (and I mean run as you can usually put some distance between the handyman and yourself) and repeat, you can also jump back to a skyline as you start to lose wintershield and then drop back off a little way away. I was able to kite the Handyman in every area I encountered him in this way. He can electrify skylines but if you are jumping quickly on and off he didn't do this and he doesn't seem to be able to electrify freight hooks (which were what I was using in the first area you encounter him). Hope this helps.

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