"Funny" "Walkthrough" - Bioshock Infinite

Just a small time youtuber trying to get big out here on the streets

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i accidentally am commenting instead of editing...

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This has potential.

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@Scumbagb3n Thank you, this is very nice to hear... read. thats the first encouraging thing i'e gotten from anybody outside of my friends. it means a lot to me.

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@Scumbagb3n im sorry man but that comment sounded really pretentious. and Anvil great job dude i can tell you're putting a lot of effort into this, but honestly the commentary just sounds like you're yelling at the screen while you play. I feel like I would enjoy it more if it felt more authentic, like it would be more engaging if you gave more of your own opinions on the game, story, gameplay, etc...

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@Crappa thank you, feed back is always welcome, and i definitely appreciate it and can see your point, the other stuff i have recorded i mention that i yell too much, and i work on that. also i work on swearing. that was a big issue for me, to hear myself swear that much.

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