BioShock Infinite Audio Comparison PC vs Xbox 360 - Bioshock Infinite

I was really surprised how dramatically different the Xbox 360 and PC versions of BioShock Infinite sounded, so I created this comparison video of a few scenes from early in the game.

Be sure to listen with your best pair of headphones and turn the video up to 1080p! I tested this with a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50.

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I'm surprised the audio difference is much bigger than the graphical difference. Maybe the Xbox team had a very low budget (as in storage, memory and processing power) for audio?

Either that or the 360's audio is normal, i.e., what we're used to, and the PC's sound is exceptionally good. What I mean is, maybe the 360 version is using 16-bit @ 48 kHz audio (what the console supports) and the PC version is using higher-fidelity audio, for instance, 24-bit @ 96 kHz (a bit much, but you get the idea).

Nice find, John, now I won't even consider getting the game for the Xbox!

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cant believe the depth of the sound on the PC, definitely a noticeable difference

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Are you using a soundcard on your PC John, or just onboard audio?

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Very interesting. Aaah our first world problems :) 

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The PC had much more going on, like the first sample, where you hear the individual droplets of water hitting the wooden planks and the surrounding ocean around you, to the cracks of thunder in the background; the 360's felt muffled at times and didn't seem to have as much detail as the PC version. I was listening to the video using Astro A30s and there was a major difference between the two.

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