1999 Difficulty Walkthrough With All Infusions - Bioshock Infinite

For my BioShock Infinite 1999 Mode guide, I show you how to unlock the Scavenger Hunt achievement/trophy and where to find all of the Infusion upgrades.

I only use the Urgent Care and Burning Halo gears. I also buy the following upgrades:
● Damage Boost 1 for Pistol, Machine Gun, RPG, Hail Fire, Repeater, and Heater
● All Possession, Shock Jockey, and Devil's Kiss upgrades
● Crow's Boost
● Undertow Boost

1999 Mode is an unlockable difficulty that is playable after completing the game. Many aspects of the game are changed including:
● Player health depletes faster
● Enemies can take more damage
● Ammo, health, and salts are more difficult to find
● Navigational arrows are disabled
● Changing difficulties is disabled
● Respawning cost $100, but, the player will be sent back to the main menu if they
don't have enough money.

(Numbers next to a video's title represents an Infusion)


Chapter 01 - Welcome To Columbia (1-4)


Chapter 02 - Soldier's Field And Hall Of Heroes (5-10)


Chapter 03 - Finkton (11-18)


Chapter 04 - Emporia (19-23)


Chapter 05 - Comstock House (24)

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