The sole survivor of an oceanic plane crash, you swim to a lighthouse. Inside you discover a bathysphere and descend to the seafloor where arch-capitalist Andrew Ryan’s city sits. Volcanic vents fuel its sprawling Art Deco facilities. Economic liberalism spurred its leading citizens to innovate in the name of prestige and profit; the gene-altering drug ADAM granted them unbelievable abilities and then drove them mad. Saving your skin could cost you your humanity; returning to the surface means delving deeper into the city of Rapture’s sordid history.

Bioshock is a FPS/Survival-Horror game, inspired by themes from Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged". Set under the ocean in the city of Rapture, players must survive against the crazed citizens of the crumbling city using various weapons and the power of Plasmids, gene-altering concoctions that can give amazing abilities to the user, such as summoning swarms of bees or shocking enemies with lightning. The game is well-renowned for its in-depth exploration of the freedom of humanity and its consequences.




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Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
First-Person Shooter
Survival Horror
Irrational Games
Original US Release Date: 
August 21, 2007

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