XM8 Prototype - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 wiki

Damage 16.7-14.3
Range     18M
Magazine       30
Rate of Fire 750 RPM
Reload Speed    2.8s
Recoil 20 kick
Fire Mode Automatic
Unlocked at 3000 EXP

The XM8 is an Assault Rifle that appears in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


Requiring 3000 EXP to unlock, the XM8 is the second weapon unlocked in the Assault class. 

The XM8 is tied with the F2000 for the Assault Rifles with the highest recoil. It also has one of the highest AR reload times without reload canceling.

Because of the high recoil, burst fire is neccesary to stay accurate in long range encounters.

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